If you missed last week’s episode you can find it here.

We open to Gabe in class and the students don’t want to do the assignment. Gabe is encouraging his students to step out of their comfort zone. He is asking them to take part in the talent show at school and even offers to show his talent too.

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Abby loves the idea of faculty in the talent show and getting his students to participate. Mr. Hayward isn’t sure that Principal Madison will share the stage with other faculty. Principal Madison is rehearsing for the talent show. She’s the MC. Gabe and Tony are asking for the faculty preforming and she isn’t real hip on the idea. Mr. Hernandez really wants to join in the talent show too. When Principal Madison sees Mr. Hernandez showing his talent, she says yes.

The kids finally agree to take part in the show. Gabe asks the student what they are doing for the show. He’s really happy at the ideas the kids have. Even Walt and Rakeem are going to do something. Walt even invited his dad. Tony holds “auditions” for the staff. The janiter points out that he doesn’t have to audition, just sign up.

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At the talent show Gabe helps the kids deal with their preforming jitters. Walt’s mom, whom Gabe gets nervous around because he really likes her, tells Gabe Walt’s father didn’t show. Walt feels like crap because it. Walt’s mom ask’s Gabe to talk to him. Gabe finds him in the faculty lounge. Gabe’s own father wasn’t around so he was able to relate.

Do the student’s kill it on stage? What did Gabe do on the stage? Does Principal Madison have fun onstage? I love this show. What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…