The 100 returns with new challenges. Photo Credit: The 100/CW

The trailer The 100 put out gives you plenty of opportunity to try to guess what will happen next. We see a recap from the very beginning, how they got their start being exiled from the ship. How they first had encounters with the grounders and it was deadly, losing a handful of members. They fast forward to showing the group rebuild, find hope in the situation and each other, followed by people having to make choices between blood family and The 100 family. They have had to battle the mount weather crew from the inside, hand to hand combat, missiles, guns, it was crazy. A.L.I.E. and all her brainwashed followers for a long time that has been well covered. Grounders at the capital, the Ice Nation, and don’t forget their own people from the space station that are on the ground again.

After somehow beating all those odds, and getting back together again, what could possibly stand in their way? The utter implosion of the world as we know it. After choosing to end the reign of A.L.I.E. it created a chain reaction and meltdown of nuclear power plants. Very powerful, moving fast and nothing anyone can do about it. Up close it almost looked like the smoke monster from lost. Black fast moving, lightening happening, it moved fast and ends up destroying the grounder capital Polis so you know that it is very close to everyone.

So what do they do? Do they go to the ocean and try to stay on the oil rigs hoping that’s far enough out for safety? Do they keep moving to find higher ground or points that are far away from power plants? I also wouldn’t put it past them for trying to get back into space away from the power plant storms. With all that we saw however, we didn’t particularly see another human enemy group which we can naturally assume has to be in the next season. I would wager a guess that the groups is on the move to a more stable location and they either find people along the way, or find a location and the people who are their feel threatened.

I am glad to see the core group is getting together again. What they will be able to do with the new threats are beyond me.