Last we left the Robinson’s they were airborne and headed to link up with their mother ship, the Resolute. Thank goodness. Or its all thanks to June’s sound planning and attack. She basically forced them off the methane planet and made them think of a solution. And now finally they are back on track, right? Well, this is the Robinson’s we are talking about, disaster is lurking in every corner. Do spaceships have corners? Now, our wonderful bunch of misfits is safe and sound and in the correct place.

The kids anticipate being among other people, lots of other people, and getting back to a normal daily routine. And any issues are thrown out the window as they approach their beacon of hope. They all prepare to exist the ship except Don who is still recuperating. June has that methane sea kelp hidden in her belongings, to use for later obviously. But soon she won’t be Robinson’s problem and she is handled by the Resolute. She handcuffs her to the ship and while she waits she thinks about the past. Her rocky relationship with her sister Jessica. But Ms. June has other plans and Maureen should know by now.

Unfortunately, things on the Resolute are not up to par. Or at least they section they boarded. The ship has been empty for 7 months, and that is the same amount of time the Robinson’s have been missing. And there isn’t a soul on board. They can’t find any information about what happened to the people. So they continue to explore the ship.

June is a prisoner and she doesn’t have access to parts of the ship. She knows that she has to do something to ensure her survival. So in true June fashion, she makes a way out of no way, with fire. She then gains access to a computer and now she truly is Dr. Zoe Smith, but I am still gonna call her June. And I will be looking forward to what other shenanigans she gets up too. And we don’t have to wait long. Like this episode, she does more. Let’s just say she is trying to fully become Jessica Harris.

Judy finds a passenger who tells her there is a monster on the ship and that is why everyone is gone. At the same time, the alien part on the ship comes alive. Oh, you know what comes next, DISASTER lol! Something bad is going to happen. Samantha tells Judy that the monsters came back a second time and then they begin hearing something moving. Which sounds bad of course. But Penny and Will are in a different part of the ship and they encounter a horse, in space.

It’s a robot or SAR. It got its angry face on and it is looking for Judy and Samantha. So no its go time. We don’t know who the robot is after. But we do know that the reason they can cover so many miles is due to having alien engines on board. And it seems like the robots want their stuff back. Don spots the robot, as he has been acting as a lookout since they realized the ship was empty. The kids realize its not SAR but a 3rd robot that is now after Maureen and John. But somehow they manage to divert tragedy and trap the robot.

We learn a little bit more about June too. She seems to have a sister complex and not the good kind. She was always in her sister’s shadow and maybe she was the favorite. But June is smarter than Jessica, to me. Like I said she could have been on that ship legitimately if she would have chosen a different path. But instead, she prefers to lie, cheat, and steal and she is good at that too. But she doesn’t seem all that bad, maybe. And it seems like she has some remorse for some things that she has done. Oh, and she killed Samantha’s father.

But we did get a little clue about Robot, He’s alive, that’s all we know so far. While the family is meeting up and making sure everyone is alive, another Jupiter docks with the Resolute. And a little more truth comes out, And they learn some truths about the ship they live on and Maureen made the flight possible. So what’s behind that door?????? All in all a pretty dull episode with much of it spent in the dark and hiding.