Well, well, well how about that episode 7. Lots of things learned huh. I just want to say, I called it about Well Lady aka Dodge aka Lucas. First, we were made to understand that Lucas was Ellie’s deceased boyfriend. We know that she is alive but most of the friends are dead or dying. In fact, anyone with any connection to Rendell is dead including him. As far as we know, Ellie, Duncan, and the lady in the mental institution are the only ones left. Second, we know that Joe had something to tell Nina and the last scene after she found him dead was Ellie, but could that have possibly been Lucas? Or was it really Ellie. We know that she is hiding something. Lastly, Lucas really did die and somehow he is back and presumably wreaking havoc on everyone to obtain the keys. Fast forward, now Dodge has all the keys except the ghost key.

Dodge or Lucas wants the keys because he wants to open the Omega door. Is there something sinister behind the Omega door that shines with a mesmerizing brilliant blue light. Its warm and inviting minus the weird whisper chants that accompany the light. The same whispers the Locke kids hear when there is a key involved. Fast forward again, Sam is at Key House threatening the family, but this time he is the one who ends up dead. And Dodge heads to the asylum to enter the head of the woman at the crazy home. She’s mute by the way. But we don’t know much about her other than she was one of the gang. So I wonder did someone make her mute or did she do it to herself with the head key. Or is it all an act. I guess we shall soon find out. Thus far she shows no emotion when Dodge is in her presence, so hopefully the journey to get there will be good.

Now, we are up to speed and in present day Locke and Key world. I can only imagine what they are feeling as they clean up the mess from the night before. The neighborhood has banded together and sent the family casseroles to last about a month. In between the food coming in, Tyler and Kinsey have visitors. Rachel and Tyler make up in the aftermath of disaster. Gabe arrived at the same time Rachel did and then Scot interrupts that visit. Awkward much? Oh yeah…….They all just kind of stand there until Scot graciously bows out, must be his British blood. Gabe follows out behind him and Kinsey is left looking confused. Cause she was macking on both of them.

Nina is drinking again. And without further adieu, we learn what the cabinet does. So they have not one, but two keys in their possession. Nina dropped a cup, not sure if she was drunk or not. She then put the in the cabinet, closed the door, turned the key, and opened it and the cup was fixed. Then she remembers when her evil self beckoned her into the mirror. It seems the alcohol is opening her up to magic. But she was alcoholic before and the trauma from last night is making her drink. Meanwhile, during all of this Ellie stopped by the house to fish for information. I can’t determine whether she is friend or foe. But it is clear that she doesn’t know what Lucas is up too. As evident by her attitude and tone when she questioned hi about his whereabouts. And then he said something that sorta stuck. He said it was her (Ellie) fault what happened at Key House. But why is it her fault?

So Lucas does want to open the Omega door and there is a key that goes with it that may be hidden in the mind of Vossie. Vossie is the lady who is seemingly trapped in her head. Lucas believes that Vossie knows where this key is. So using the pilfered Head key, Lucas plans to learn where Rendell may have hidden it. We have no outside information to determine whether she really may know where it is. All we know is that she came to Key House and went insane and turned into a vegetable.

Kinsey and Tyler have gone down to the cliffs and reached the Omega door. The whispers are present but this time it doesn’t seem that Kinsey is attracted to the whispers anymore. They learn some information, basically what we know. They are now more determined than ever to find out what happened in the caves. Learning the Vossie is still alive, Kinsey heads to the psych ward. But Lucas is already there and currently in Vossie’s head by why of the Head key. And he gets what he is after, the information about Omega key. Kinsey is too late. Or so we think.

Vossie seems to come to life when she sees Kinsey and learns who she is. And she finally speaks. Vossie tells Kinsey that Lucas is Dodge. And where is he, Oh he’s back at Ellie’s house using those stolen keys. He knows where the Omega key is and he plans to get it. Nina however, has put Rendell’s ashes in the cabinet and turned the key. She hears the door open and mistakes Tyler for his dad but the it didn’t work this time. On a good note, Nina finally has a heart to heart with her kids. Well, at least Kinsey. And the conversation is rightly so. Because Nina was about to hit rock bottom when she realized the cabinet wouldn’t bring Rendell back and smashed his urn on the floor.

Tyler is left behind to clean up the ashes of his father, when Kinsey walks in to tell him about Vossie and who Dodge really is. When hear the telltale whispering in an indiscernible language. When the camera zooms in on the pile we see a piece of metal sticking out from the ashes. Tyler pulls it out and low and behold THE OMEGA KEY. I bet you’re wondering like me how the heck the key got there. Well if no one put it there, obviously, that must mean that he stored the key somewhere on his person. Which would explain why it ended up in his ashes. But, I don’t think that Lucas knows that he was cremated or else he could have gone back to Key House and stolen it.