Whew!!! Lost of unexpected turns of events last episode. The Well Lady, aka Dodge, is really Lucas. How did he manage that, since he was supposed to be dead? He also has all of the keys, except the Omega key. Tyler found in his dad’s ashes. This is the key that Lucas wants. What really happened to Lucas in that cave? He still looks like he did when they were in high school. What gives? Somehow, someway he ended up locked up in Well House. Was he locked up by Ellie? I think so. Does Ellie feel guilty? Is that why she is helping him? More questions than answers so far.

We are flashed back a little bit and that day that Ellie was in Key House was because of a crown that Lucas bade her to go and get. All of this must have something to do with the blue glowing Omega door. It is called the Crown of Shadow. It isn’t enough and the key has something to do with it. We also find out why Joe is dead too. He saw Lucas and Ellie together. Now they have to deal with a threat. Joe has questions about how Lucas is here when he died twenty-five years ago. That is a question that I want answered too. What I do know is that Ellie is afraid of Lucas and that is why she is helping him do his dirty work. Doesn’t he care what he has to do to get what he wants. Lucas seems to be the grand creator of this whole scheme all to get the keys and gain access to the Omega door.

See Lucas isn’t real. He is an echo. He can hurt and touch people, so it seems he is more than just an echo. Where are those bullets that Ellie shot him with? They didn’t even end up in the chair he was sitting in. Is resurrection what Lucas is trying to achieve? I guess we will all find out when we get to the blue door.

Tyler and Kinsey are perusing over the memories of Lucas being attacked, that they found in the garden. Little do they know, but they each hold a certain piece of the puzzle. Bode, catches them in the process and they try to hide it from him. He is tired of their crap and reminds them that without him they wouldn’t know what was going on. They share what they know with each other. Bode shares that he has seen Lucas at Ellie’s house and they soon understand that Dodge and Lucas are one and the same. Bode decides to meet up with Rufus, Ellie’s son, and discuss things with him.

Rufus shows Bode the crown that was stolen and that it needs what appears to be the fire key to open the crown. The fire key was dropped, possibly by Sam and Bode found it. Kinsey drops the bomb on Ellie and Ellie plays dumb and wants to know why she is helping him. It is not because she wants too. She is protecting her family. It seems the Locke kids aren’t going down without a fight. Ellie finds out where the urn is at in Key House and plans to leave town instead of helping Lucas. Rufus talks her out of it and says they need help. He knows where Lucas hid the keys and shows Ellie. The fact that she asks Rufus did he show Bode, lets me know that she is not who she says she is. Or maybe it is Lucas pretending to be Ellie to gather information.

In the meantime Eden thinks Kinsey is stalking her and told her to watch her back. The thing doing it could be Kinsey’s fear, she did set it loose on Sam and it ran away. Unfortunately, she has forgotten all about it. Until Eden reminds her and it shows up to prove its point. Its always something, huh? Now, they have to explain what the hell happened. She takes responsibility for the actions of her fear. Eden doesn’t really understand it but she accepts. Jackie on the other hand is not taking it so well. Then Kinsey runs into Gabe and Scott. She tells them what she did and the situation is just a whole awkward love triangle mess. What comes of with the plan of dating both of them? Then Ellie calls, or maybe its Lucas.

Nina decides to go to AA and while she is out the kids have their meeting with Ellie. Nina has stopped drinking and so she is starting to forget the magic of Key House and its’ keys. She knows something happened with the urn but she can’t remember what. Tyler obviously put the broken urn in the cabinet to fix it. We don’t know what he did with the Omega key. I can’t help but wonder if this is just a ploy for Ellie to get a chance to look in the urn or if she is sincere.

In the meantime, the kids ask the pressing question that has been plaguing us since the start of the season. What really happened down in the sea caves twenty-five years ago? Well, let’s look at what we learned thus far. Lucas died. He was struck in the head by Rendell and then struck again. We don’t know much about what happened after that. We don’t know why he was attacked. We can assume it has something to do with the crown, the Omega key and the glowing blue door. They said the accident happened down in the caves. From the memory jar, he was attacked at Key House. Maybe that attack didn’t kill him. Or has Lucas been an echo the entire time, solely because he wanted the keys? Duncan is somehow involved but he hasn’t been back to the house in awhile.

Just like Kinsey, her dad and his friends happened upon the glowing door in the sea caves. Turns out it was her dad that had the obsession to open the door. They had found out many secrets to the keys, and a way to remember. Which may explain the memory garden Kinsey and Tyler found a few episodes ago. Rendell managed to get the door open, but it wasn’t without consequences. One of those consequences was Lucas getting his with something that came out of the that open door. Something glowing bright blue and bullet like.

Whatever it was, caused something to happen to Lucas later that night. Lucas changed and attacked his friends after trying to get the Omega key. Something evil latched onto Lucas and caused him to kill 3 of his friends. They then staged their deaths and shut away the keys and the memories of what happened that night. Ellie brought Lucas back using the echo, or so we think it is her. Bode remembers seeing the key for the crown somewhere and he has found it. It’s the key chain. We don’t know what the crown and key does yet. However, we know how Lucas ended up in the well.

So begins the chains of even that has lead us to this point. Everything was Ellie’s fault. She ended up bringing back the demon instead. So goes the plan to trap the demon echo into the Well House. Of course, demon Lucas has other plans with Ellie’s help. She snuck the key the out of the house. Tyler passes Kinsey a knowing look as she explains what the key can do. She runs home to get the crown and demon Lucas is waiting in the dark. Did they mean for her to take the key? Either way Lucas now has it and more power. Thanks to Ellie.

We have one episode left this season. But don’t be alarmed, there is a season 2 slated to come…….