Let me just say that I almost lost it in this episode. For the last 6 episodes, we have been finding keys and learning what they do along with the Locke kids. Getting excited every time a new one is located. One of the keys found can control anyone you want and make them whatever you want. Remember that little tidbit, because it become most important in just a bit. So, anyways last episode, Sam (Rendell’s killer), got free using the fire key given to him by the Well Lady. The episode ended with Sam sneaking onto Key House’s property. The other little issue was that Tyler was making out with the Well Lady.

Let’s get right to it. Sam takes the family hostage at gunpoint and he wants the head key. He was sent to get it by the Well Lady. Kinsey and Bode don’t get caught right away and they notice the intruder. Ok, so here is where I bring up the music key again.

So, they have hidden the head key and they haven’t been found out quite yet. Why didn’t they use the music key to control Sam? She could have made him drop his gun or walk out of the house or even shoot himself (I know it a darker side). But it could have been a non-fatal wound. She could have made him sit down so her mom could tie him up or any number of things. But instead, what freaking key do they pick? The ghost key. And he already experimented with it and knew that he could not communicate with the living in that form. He tries to warn his mom, but it doesn’t work (insert eye roll). At that point music key, hello.

Sam is cray, cray. Like certifiable. They show flashbacks from high school and his interaction with Rendell when he gets in trouble. While being lectured by his guidance counselor, Sam hears a voice calling his name from a picture on the wall.

The picture happens to be of Key house, and it is Well Lady using her siren to call him. So he breaks in the house leaving a trail of blood everywhere because he busted open a window. Then he makes his way through the house exploring until he gets to Tyler’s room. Nina hears a door creak and goes to investigate and finds crazy Sam in Tyler’s room putting on his clothes.

Kinsey and Bode happen to notice that someone has broken in and spot a trail of blood. Sam has been dripping it all throughout the house as he looks for a potential victim I assume. Bode uses the ghost key to try and see who their intruder is. They find the intruder holding their mom at gunpoint. Its Sam. So Bode tries to warn her to no avail. The music key could have solved all of that, is all I am saying. Sam, takes the keys from the kids and waits for Tyler. Because Tyler has the head key. But Tyler is getting busy with Well Lady. While they are going at it he happens to find the anywhere key she stole in the beginning.

Tyler runs for his life, finds a door, and goes home. He then hears a voice and sees Sam holding his family at gunpoint. But Sam doesn’t notice him. He tackles him. You thought he was gonna at least grab a weapon right? Hell no. He doesn’t grab a single thing to try and knock him out. And instead tries to beat him up with his fists. It don’t work. He gets the gun back and now they are all tied up.

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Kinsey then lies and says that she buried the head key in the woods and so they go and find it. She takes Bode with her and they start their search. As they search we are flash backed to the past, and Sam is left alone in Rendell’s office and Dodge (Well Lady) speaks malice into his heart and casts doubt. And with that she has him in her grips. He instantly feels betrayed and that is where is goes downhill. Kinsey is digging, but it ain’t a key she is digging up. It was her fear that she killed in the beginning episodes. And she has let it lose on old Sammy Boy. She attacks and Kinsey and Bode run for their lives. Meanwhile in the house, Tyler has broken free and and gets the head key. We find Sam heading back to the house where, they ambush him. Nina stabs him and Tyler uses the head key on Sam. Then the truth all comes out. Sam tells them he didn’t want to kill his dad, just find the keys for Dodge.

Tyler tries to find absolution in a slip of the mouth he had with Sam once, but instantly realized that it wasn’t actually his fault. But Sam just says that he was doing it because she cared for him. But Tyler tries to make him see that, that is not the case. Nina is freaking out and tries to go into Sam’s mind. While they’re distracted Sam pulls the key out and grabs. Then in walks Dodge. She is ruthless and stabs Sam when he wouldn’t give her the key and then she takes possession of all of the keys except the ghost key. But before she leaves she breaks Sam’s heart and he understands he was used. But before he dies, he walks out the door and is turned into a ghost. The cops then close the door (I don’t know who called the cops) and that is a no no when in that state. But he appears dead and they have no knowledge of the keys. Then Bode and Kinsey show up shaken, but unharmed. And we see ghost Sam floating above the house crying as he watches the family hug each other and he disappears.