Traditions are formed all around us. Some have holiday traditions that cannot be broken. Others have birthday traditions.  This week the episode takes a look at a weekly tradition that was created and built by Jon.  So what happens when the main man isn’t there anymore?  Does the tradition continue?

Fam dinner

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Maggie’s story as the outsider to this close-knit group of friends has been interesting to watch.  She originally got hooked up by “hooking up” with Gary at the breast cancer survivor meeting.  Since being brought into the group, she has found herself getting closer to the girls as they are open to her friendly face.

Unfortunately, Maggie goes through a couple of tests this week, the first of which is that she has cancer and the doctor is working on trying to get her into a treatment plan.  She begins asking if she didn’t do anything how long would she live.  As she is spending time with Rome to help him through his depression, she reveals a story about people who jump off the Brooklyn Bridge and that only one percent of jumpers survive.  The one thing that 100% of the survivors admitted, was that they regretted the decision the moment they jumped.  On top of that, it was one survivor that said that “she wasn’t tired of living, but that she was tired of living like this,” which is EXACTLY how Maggie feels about cancer that has come back.


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Another test of for Maggie is Gary.  The two seem to be having fun together; casual sex and meaningless banter back and forth.   Things get real when another of Gary’s sexual partners approach him during the breast cancer support group and she shares that the bathroom as their “special spot.”  Maggie hears this and is immediately turned off as she feels she is just another conquest of Gary’s.

Gary tries to connect with her and continues to fail. He calls her and no answer. He shows up and meets her ex-boyfriend, who tells him that Maggie’s cancer is back.  Later that night, Gary shows up and presents his side of the story with Maggie.  She doesn’t care what he has to say, but he says that he is different this time.  When she still tries to throw him out, he takes off his shirt to reveal the scar from cancer, something he is embarrassed by.  This does the trick and the two end up having a romantic evening in bed together.


Gina’s focus is all about the Restaurant.  She’s still stewing over the revelation that Delilah and Eddie were having an affair.  Rome and Gary work to get the two girls together in hopes that they will reconcile, but that attempt fails when they arrive at the restaurant and tensions were high. Eventually, the two are able to talk.  Delilah reveals that her marriage was anything but perfect and that she felt alone and it was during that time that she felt like Eddie saw her.  Gina apologizes for not being there for her during that time.

After the session with Maggie, Rome finally comes clean with Gina that he hates his job. Gina supports him to branch out and make the movie that he’s been dreaming of doing and that the two of them will figure out the finances.


What a conflicted character Delilah has become.  She has lost her husband. Been caught by her friends for sleeping with another man, and not just any man but one of her husbands best friends.  We finally meet her father who is struggling with some sort of dementia.  Her daughter is continually upset.  What is she supposed to do?


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Well, she tries to move on as fast as possible. Why sit in misery?  Slowly she begins to redefine their lives, and it started with the Friday family night tradition.  It’s been a couple of weeks and they still haven’t done pizza night.  Finally, Sophie calls her mom out, stating she is working on erasing the memory of Jon.

Thankfully, Delilah gets some help this week.   Her relationship with Gina begins to mend.  She realizes that she is slowly shoving Jon out of her life and decides to return to the tradition of Friday night pizza.

There are still stones that need to be uncovered and rectified, but Delilah ended this episode a little lighter than she began– at least until next weeks episode.