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ABC has done it again.

They have gone and cancelled the best show that they had.

Because. They. Suck.

I can’t even begin to express my disappointment at the loss of this show. I keep trying, but the only accurate representation would be that gif of Sadness from Inside Out sobbing all over the controls. That’s me, at my laptop, grieving The Mayor.

This show had heart, treated everyone with love, and was a perfect blend of plot and jokes that were faced paced but didn’t feel out of place.

It was a show I, and many other cool people looked forward to seeing every week. I even sat through commercials for it!



The president of the network said at the annual TCA’s that the cancellation was due to the fact that people weren’t connecting with the show, because they were tired of politics. While that may be true, the network focused all of their marketing on the fact that this quasi celebrity was running for mayor as a publicity stunt WHICH HITS CLOSE FOR MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE ORANGE MAN PTSD. They should have emphasized the family/workplace comedy side of it all more, to attract audiences.

While we’re wishing for things, I wish they’d air the final 4 episodes, and renew the show for a new season, and mount a summer rerun campaign to give people the chance to find and watch this show. Comedies need time to find their voice and their audience and networks are giving them less and less time in this age of “peak TV.”

Well it’s not feeling like Peak TV anymore, the loss of The Mayor is one that really stings, & I might never recover from it (kinda like Happy Endings…RIP)



I’d like to thank Jeremy Bronson, Daveed Diggs, Brandon Micheal Hall, Yvette Nicole Brown, Bernard D Jones, Lea Michele, Marcel Spears, Regina Hicks, Sarah Haskins, Wijal Patel, David Spade, & everyone else involved with the magical gem of a show that I hope makes it’s way onto Netflix or Hulu so this one perfect season can live on forever.