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We open to Gabe wondering where Lorenzo is. Turns out he is having bullying problems. Gabe hands out pamphlets about inclusive language.

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Marisol sticks up for the new language protocalls. Gabe doesn’t want to call the Latin community by Latinx. What is a Latinx you ask? It is to refer to the Latino community as a whole while being inclusive to the female. Gabe is not hip on the idea of yet another new term for us. Marisol is all for it though.

When Gabe see Lorenzo finally, he scares the devil out of him. Lorenzo is unwilling to tell on his bully. Gabe talks to Abby and Tony about the bully. Abby talks about the “bully” she had. Turns out Abby was the bully in high school. They find out that Lorenzo’s bully is a female and decide to talk to Principal Maddison.

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Marisol brings her complaints about being refered to as Latino rather than a Latinx to principal Maddison tells her to bring her complaint to Spain. As Marisol leaves Tony, Abby and Gabe enter. As they tell Principal Maddison that the bully is a girl she laughed it off. When Abby said what Rita referred to him as Negrito. Principal Maddison over reacted and didn’t care to hear the word’s usage so she suspended Rita. The whole language thing is a mess.

So how does it turn out for Lorenzo? Does Rita stay suspended? Does Marisol get her inclusive language issue solved? I absolutely love this show. My husband, daughter and I all watch this together. It is such fun. Who do you watch this with? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…

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