As set up in last week’s premiere of Season 2, this arc of You’re the Worst continues to tackle the mechanics of a couple of terrible people cohabiting. Episode 1 dealt with a common concern of those in a committed relationship – keeping the spark alive (albeit Jimmy and Gretchen approached that concern in a highly unconventional manner.) As we enter episode 2, Jimmy and Gretchen have slowed down their hard-partying ways, and we see a calmer side of the couple. This episode builds on the premiere by addressing another aspect of cohabitation – stuff! Or, the inevitable need incorporate your significant other’s belongings into your space once you decide to move in together. Gretchen moved into Jimmy’s apartment at the end of Season 1, but we soon find out that she has very little in the way of belongings (a few plastic bags in a corner) and seems to be sharing everything from Jimmy’s clothes to his toothbrush. Jimmy is frustrated with the situation: “I’m perfectly happy at having you as a girlfriend, but not as a dependent,” yet he doesn’t quite seem willing to make room for Gretchen apart from Gretchen’s corner. And so our central theme is established – Gretchen needs stuff and Jimmy needs to be willing to provide a place for her to store it.

While the main plot of the episode revolves around incorporating Gretchen and her belongings into Jimmy’s home, there are also two B-plots – one involving Jimmy trying to follow up his first successful novel by finding writing jobs and Lindsay using her feminine wiles to force Edgar into acting as her wing-man at a sports bar.

While Jimmy denies it to his agent, he is paralyzed with fear about a follow-up to his first novel. He claims instead that he needs time for things to start “percolating”, and in the meantime, he requests that his agent find him work. The options his agent presents him with, however – writing novelizations of movies, a copywriter for a popcorn catalog, research assistant – are not appealing. So while Gretchen tries to arm herself with basic household items at You’re the Worst’s answer to Bed, Bath and Beyond, Jimmy spends his day at the mall searching for literary inspiration

“amongst the diabetic masses of the American shopper.”

Meanwhile, as Jimmy and Gretchen spend the day at the mall, Lindsay, who has learned that Edgar will do just about anything for her, is taking advantage of the situation by forcing him to approach guys on her behalf. Sweet Edgar initially seems too naive or love-struck to understand what is really going on, while Lindsay doesn’t seem to see the impact her manipulation has on Edgar. Thankfully, a couple of guys at the bar recognize what Lindsay is doing, and give Edgar some advice on how to speak to the attractive bartender. Without Edgar’s attention, Lindsay is forlorn. But it is only a matter of time before she is able to suck Edgar in again, inviting him to her home to take saucy pictures – which she plans to use in her online dating profile. For a second episode in a row I am left frustrated with Lindsay’s actions and concerned for Edgar. I’m sorry Lindsay, but you’re the worst.

Elsewhere, Gretchen finds that she is struck with something called “cart paralysis” as she tries to furnish her home. As she explains to a helpful salesperson, she simply has no idea what to buy, because her only possessions are a food processor and a collection of thongs. The saleswoman, dumbstruck, hands her a checklist that might be used by a college freshman, and quickly flees. It is only a matter of time before Gretchen flees herself, panicking at the salesperson’s mention of storage solutions.

On arriving home the couple scoffs at the concept of putting another’s needs before your own, but Jimmy does just that, allowing Gretchen to add art to the walls and move her belongings into his dresser.

Sidenote – the ending to this episode bore eerie similarities to the Season 3 episode of The Mindy Project – Crimes, Misdemeanors and Ex-Boyfriends, wherein the couple fought about sharing space in Danny’s apartment and the episode ended with Danny gifting his girlfriend a nightstand before they rushed off for some shenanigans in the closet. That was just a really wacky coincidence, right You’re the Worst writers? (Winky face).


My favorite one-liners:


Q’s are like the elbows of letters. – Lindsay

Everything’s in the Bloody Mary bar. I’ll show you. – Edgar

A banana holder? Get off the counter banana, you fancy now. – Gretchen

How did you get wing sauce down there? – Edgar

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