So the Robinson’s, June, and Don have made it to the location where the lightning strikes like clockwork on this methane planet. Much to everyone’s surprise, the site is a metal trench that was clearly made by something. Not man of course, but something. The ship is stuck on the cliff. Now, remember June is free because she made it clear that locking her up is pretty much pointless. I hope that you haven’t forgotten that she is a master manipulator and so what does she do? She keeps sowing different seeds of discord throughout the family. This time she has her sights set on Penny. Now her being locked up has allowed her to gather more intel on the inner workings of the Robinson family. So, she knows what to say and buttons to push. Penny is feeling it and with the help of June, she begins to doubt herself and her family even more. To the point, she ends up going over the waterfall while helping Don do some work on the ship to get it flight-ready. Maureen then jumps in to save her and they both go over.

Now, safely at the bottom of the trench, Maureen and Penny begin to try and find a way to get back up. Unfortunately, they have another little issue, as if getting the ship off the planet wasn’t difficult enough. Don gets attacked by some predatory sea kelp, but methane. Judy tries to find a way to cure Don, so she can’t help. Don in his usual fashion is not taking it so well. And of course, insert another obstacle, they lost their Benjamin Franklin kite, which was going to help conduct the electricity. Let’s run everything down again. The ship is in the right place but they lost the kite to help conduct the lightning. They are also on a time limit because the lightning is gonna start soon. Maureen and Penny are stuck at the bottom of the trench. Judy is doctoring Don and June is being a Samaritan by donating blood. In the meantime, Maureen and Penny aren’t exactly getting along. This could be due to Penny not communicating her feelings and of course taking what June says to heart. Why she even listens to her is beyond me, especially knowing what she did.

After some thinking and manipulation on June’s part. They come up with a solution to kill two birds with one stone. That is save Penny and Maureen and power up the Jupiter 2. They decide to send the Chariot (their all surface vehicle down the trench and tethered to the ship. Everyone is afraid that the lightning will fry them to death but Maureen explains to them that the ship and the chariot will act as a conductor and push the electricity around them. But back down in the trench Maureen and Penny finally have that long-awaited conversation. They fight and makeup and then promise to be a better mother and daughter. Well, their idea worked and they are officially off the methane planet. Once all the excitement calms down, they realize the alien engine is still aboard and it may come to life again and take them somewhere else. But that will be handled in future episodes, for now, they are aware of it.

June, she never gives up and she is still trying to build a bond with Penny. Planting ideas and seeds of doubt, all to play into her plan. But what that plan is at the moment, no one knows. Flying away from the planet they realize the trench they were in wraps around the whole planet like an equator. And they still can’t figure out what it does or why it’s there, but they know its alien. The Robinson’s finally, finally meet up with the Resolute, their home ship. And before they can make contact, June swipes a piece of the poisonous sea kelp and hides it. For future use? We shall see.