The Batman movie, featuring Robert Pattinson as Batman, is halted from filming for the next couple of weeks. This pause is due to the COVID-19 positive diagnosis from Robert Pattinson.

Credit: Warner Bros., IMDB

According to ScreenRant, the cast and crew are on “a period of self-isolation.” This wouldn’t be the movie’s first setback. Earlier this year, Hollywood production projects were put on hold in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Batman movie was one of them. But the director, Matt Reeves, and crew did have some footage to release a teaser trailer. The trailer came out during the DC FanDome digital event back in August 22.

Credit: Warner Bros.

In the last week, production started back up for The Batman, after coming out of lock down from the pandemic. It wasn’t long until the movie’s production had come to another quick stop. According to Variety, it was two days after resuming production when one of the cast and crew had tested positive for COVID-19. That cast member was Robert Pattinson.

Credit: Warner Bros, IMDB

It seems Pattinson is on a 14-day self-isolation. Production isn’t likely to start back up until after his 14 days and according to Variety, after they get a negative test result and are asymptomatic, then they are cleared to work. For right now, all we can hope for is a speedy recovery.

Credit: Warner Bros., IMDB