Slot games have been with us for decades now, but long gone are those days where the only symbols you would find on a slot would be some type of fruit. Slots now come with many different themes and it will never take you long to find a slot game that will delight a self-proclaimed nerd. Below we are going to take a look at some of the best slots for nerds. If you consider yourself to be nerdy, we really do recommend you try these games out. 

Batman and the Riddler Riches

We might as well start off our list about the best slot games for nerds with a controversial statement – Forget the modern batman films, there is one true batman, and he goes by the name of Adam West. Although, having said that, we are really curious as to how Robert Pattinson will do as the next batman – we do not really have high hopes, but hopefully he can prove us wrong. 

In our view, the Batman TV series of the 1960s was the real deal. Okay, we know it was tongue in cheek and we still wonder to this day how Batman could not figure out the identity of Batgirl, but it is a series Batman fans will always love. 

This is backed up by the sheer number of slots that have been developed using this Batman series as the theme. This slot not only features the best Batman ever, but there is also the best Robin (Burt Ward) and the best ever Riddler (Frank Gorshin). This fantastic slot brings back so many memories of that great series. Not only are there Batman, Riddler, and Robin symbols, but there is also Office O’Hara, Batman’s utility belt, and the Shakespeare statue. 

The base game by itself would be fun for Batman fans to play as it brings back a sense of nostalgia, but the bonus features turn the entertainment levels up a notch. There is a bonus wheel, collapsing reels, and a huge progressive jackpot. It is safe to that any nerd will not be disappointed if they decide to play this slot game. 

Superman the Movie

Okay, we have mentioned a Batman slot, so we think that it is only fair that his friend, Superman, gets a mention now. This excellent slot game will take you all the way back to the movie that came out in 1978 and starred Christopher Reeve as Superman. In our opinion, and we are sure many of you will agree, this is one of the best Superman films of all time, with only Superman 2 coming anywhere close. This slot will bring back many great memories of this amazing film and can provide you with some big wins. 

A slot that has been based on a film has to have relevant symbols if it wants to be successful, and that is exactly what you will get here – on the reels you will find the likes of Superman, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, some kryptonite, and a Daily Planet Logo. There is a progressive jackpot on offer – just think of all the great DVDs and comics that you could purchase if you won that. There are also some scatters, wilds, and free spins on offer to all but guarantee you a fun time. 

It is vital that you find out as much information as you can about online casinos before you start enjoying great slot games such as this, to make sure you head in the right direction. Slot game experts like those at will offer a wealth of information about many great online casinos as well as tips for a wide variety of casino games.  

Star Trek: The Trouble with Tribles

If you happen to still watch and enjoy the original Star Trek series, then this is a slot game that you are definitely going to love. It is a fantastic looking slot that, as you can guess from the title of it, features the beloved Tribbles. You know, those things that reproduce even faster than wet gremlins after midnight. 

Star Trek fans will absolutely love seeing Tribbles alongside images of Mister Spock, Captain Kirk, and Lieutenant Uhura. This slot game comes with some really good bonus features that will keep you thoroughly entertained such as Win Warps, Tribbles Pinball, and Star Trek medals. 

Lord of the Rings Slot

The Lord of the Rings is now one of the world’s most popular franchises – the books and movies are beloved by millions all over the world. For what it matters, our favorite film was The Two Towers. Who can forget Legolas sliding down the stairs on a shield while firing arrows at Uruk-hai? Not us, that is for certain. With its popularity, it was only a matter of time before a slot game was developed, and boy is this a great slot. 

This one is mostly based on the first film (The Fellowship of the Ring), and you will see all the main characters from the franchise in amazing graphics. Your gaming experience will also be made more authentic thanks to them sound effects and audio that are in play. If this was not enough, then you will be glad to hear that you will also get to watch some footage from the movie. You get to travel alongside Sam and Frodo as they travel into the heart of Middle Earth – while their quest is to save the world, your quest is to win as much money as you can using free spins, wilds, and the other bonus features you will find in this game.

These are just a handful of fantastic slots that will delight every nerd. Slot developers know how popular comic books, sci-fi shows, and superheroes are, so there will always be a steady flow of new ones being developed – so keep a lookout for future great nerd slot games in the future.