Before diving into the wonderful world of Shadow & Bone, the Grishaverse. There are a number of things that you might want to know. So we’ve compiled a list for you of all the details that will strongly enhance your adventures in the Grishaverse. Once you’ve read through all the different facets you’ll be perfectly equipped for your adventures with the Grisha. Alina Starkov (our protagonist) played by Jessie Mei Li, is a cartographer (mapmaker) pulled from the Armies ranks when its discovered that she is something that was previously thought a myth. A true Sun Summoner. The Darkling, played by Ben Barnes leads the Second Army which is made up of Grisha. The first being made up of humans of Ravka. The Grisha are people who can control the elements on a molecular level, soldiers of The Second Army and Masters of the Small Science.



Corporalki – The Order of the Living and the Dead

have the ability to manipulate the human body. Two kinds are spoken of, Heartrenders – who are able to increase or decrease heartbeats, can injure internal organs and influence emotions. And Healers who can mend and heal physical maladies or injuries.

Etherealki – The Order of Summoners

They can summon air, fire, water. Of this there are many, but only one Shadow Summoner in existence, The Darkling. And now, another one of a kind, the Sun Summoner.

Materialki – The Order of Fabrikators

can manipulate a range of materials, glass, material, stell, and chemicals. It is from these people that the keftas are created. Coats of different colours to denote the different factions of Grisha, but that are also bulletproof. One of the Fabrikators David makes special gloves for Alina’s presentation.


KEFTAS – a type of coat and uniform that all Grisha wear.

The Corporalki wear red Keftas to symbolise their power over the human body.

  1. Healers wear red with grey embroidery.
  2. Heartrenders wear red with black embroidery. (Can damage internal organs)
  3. Tailors wear red kefta with blue embroidery. (But Genya in the tv series has a cream coloured one…

The Materialki (The Order of Fabrikators) wear purple kefta to symbolise their control over materials in the world that aurrounds them.

  1. Durasts can manipulate solid materials wear purple kefta with grey embroidery.
  2. Alkemi who can manipulate chemicals wear purple kefta with red embroidery.

The Etherealki wear blue kefta to symbolise their power over natural elements.

  1. Sun Summoner wears blue kefta with gold embroidery.
  2. Squallers (control air) wear blue kefta with silver embroidery.
  3. Inferni (control fire) wear blue kefta with red embroidery.
  4. Tidemakers (control water) wear blue kefta with light blue embroidery.


General Kirigan – also known as The Darkling & Shadow Summoner & Aleksander

The most powerful Grisha that exists. Wears black kefta to symbolise his control over the shadows. He is the only one who wears a black kefta as he is the only shadow summoner in existence.

His powers include the aformentioned control over the shadows and the ability to perform “The Cut“.


Alina Starkov – The Sun Summoner

When Alina arrives at the Little Palace the darkling orders a new kefta to be made. One that is black with gold embroidery. To signify not only her status as a Sun Summoner (the only one) and also a show of how high she is in his favour.  


Palace Servants – Those who work in the Little Palace wear cream-coloured kefta with gold embroidery.


Genya – is a Corporalki but instead, wears an off-white colour. She is a Tailor, almost as rare as the sun summoner and the shadow summoner. (Alina and the Darkling, respectively)


The Fold – Known in the book as the Shadow Fold, or The Unsea, the Fold is a strip of darkness that divides the country of Ravka. (which is loosely based on Tsarist Russia) The Fold is inhabited by monsters called Volcra, that tear apart any humans of Grisha that dare enter.

Volcra – Monsters that live in the Fold. The main reason crossing the Fold is so dangerous.


SymbolsCuts across the forearm. Though these do look like self-harm scars and technically they are, as they are self-inflicted. But they’re actually a mark for crossing the infamous and eerie fold. Every time you cross the fold you make another cut. Its seen as quite an achievement, considering how many travel through the fold and don’t make it to the other side.


AmplifiersThe Stag

Morozova’s Stag is an ancient magical and magnificent white stag that appears in the world, only at twilight. In children’s stories, the stag can talk and will grant wishes for its captor. To the Grisha, it is one of Morozova’s amplifiers. Amplifiers, if caught and killed can be used to grant the Grisha more power. Their bones can be worn as jewellery or fused into the body to amplify the Grisha’s power. But most of the world believe that this creature, along with several other of Morozova’s amplifiers, are fictional.



Ravka – One of the countries in the Grishaverse. The country that our protagonist Alina Starkov is from.

Shu Han – a Country south of Ravka where there has been conflict.

Fierda – A Country north of Ravka that is made up of Witchhunters who are endlessly capturing and killing Grisha.

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