September 1st will be the start to the fall season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With that comes with a new update!

Along with new bugs, sea creatures , and fishes, the update comes with new crafting materials as well. The crafting materials are acorns and pine cones.

Acorns can be found in hardwood trees by shaking them, which can take many shakes in order to get an acorn.

(image credit: Usgamer)

Pine cones are found in cedar trees. The same process of shaking on the hardwood trees is used on the cedar trees in order to obtain pine cones.

(image credit: Shacknews)

With these crafting materials comes with new furniture! Here is the list of the new DIY recipes thanks to Animal Crossing World!

  • Acorn Pochette (6 Acorns)
  • Leaf Campfire (3 Pine cones, 5 Clumps of weed, and 3 Tree branches)
  • Pile of Leaves (3 Pine cones and 5 Clumps of weed)
  • Pine Bonsai Tree (8 Pine cones and 5 Clay)
  • Traditional Balancing Toy (4 Acorns and 2 Hardwood)
  • Tree’s Bounty Arch (4 Pine cones, 5 Acorns, 5 Maple leaves, and 15 Tree branches)
  • Tree’s Bounty Big Tree (5 Pine cones, 4 Acorns, 4 Maple leaves, 8 Tree branches, and 4 Clay)
  • Tree’s Bounty Lamp (6 Acorns and 4 Clay)
  • Tree’s Bounty Little Tree (6 Pine cones, 4 Acorns, and 1 Hardwood)
  • Tree’s Bounty Mobile (2 Pine cones, 3 Acorns, and 3 Tree branches)
  • Yellow Leaf Pile (3 Acorns and 5 Clumps of weed)

As you may have noticed in the list, one of the ingredients for two of the DIY recipes is maple leaves. According to Animal Crossing World, maple leaves won’t start showing up for grabs until November 16 -26 (North Hemisphere) and May 16 – 26 (South Hemisphere).

To receive Fall-related DIY recipes, there are two ways to receive them. The first way is by Isabelle’s morning announcement when Fall first starts; Isabelle will give you the DIY recipe for Tree’s Bounty Little Tree. The second way to get the recipes is by popping the balloons that float by. You can farm the balloons by walking up and down your beach side (the left side) before 6 pm, then go to the right side of your island after 6 pm, and walk up and down that side.

The island will slowly change from summery green leaves to fall orange leaves, and now we just patiently wait for the Halloween update!

Screenshot taken in game (Credit: The Game of Nerds, Shelby Tolly)