Why? Why now after all these seasons do they bring her in for the last few episodes. What weight could she possibly bring at this time? We got enough to deal with trying to find Laurel, Michaela issues (as always), Conner issues, and whatever else she has going on. As usual, everything is Annalise’s fault and Michaela seeks validation from her and blaming Annalise for the wrongs in her life. Once again everyone is all “I want to know why Annalise chose me” and “my life is shit because we killed her husband and she kept us out of jail. Why does she put up with that? Threats and name-calling and then Vivian show’s up like here I am.  Sigh, what happens, she blames Annalise for all their issues. But it makes me wonder why Vivian is trying to drop bombs and asking questions about season 1.

What doe we do now? Let’s work a case amongst all this mess and try to go on with life. At C&G, Annalise tells Gabriel that his mom is here and Tegan comes for some girl talk but Nate interrupts them with a text message. Back to the case they’re working on, which is irrelevant. Connor and Asher are working it together and go to help their child client who doesn’t speak English. They call in Tegan because she can speak Spanish but she is not happy with it. She still decides to help them because she is the big boss now that Emmett is dead. The same Tegan, Nate is still suspicious of and investigating.

Holier than thou Michaela is sleeping with Gabriel while failing to mention that she knows what happened to his dad. Then we learn why Vivian is here as she confronts Gabriel. And then he lets out some of his own truths. Especially about the one where he met Sam when he was a kid. Now, she is justifying her actions and calling Sam a bad man. But all the bad we know about him stems from Lila. But that is over and done with. So, what was so bad about him? And it seems like Vivian used Annalise as a scapegoat. He chose to stay with her but she didn’t want him. And now you want to confront the other woman about it? What sense does that make?

Once again, Michaela makes me sick. She wants everybody’s truth but doesn’t want to say her own. She is so uppity and annoying and self-entitled. Then blabs Gabriel’s secret about him killing his mom’s drug addict boyfriend. She then gets a clue from Oliver and sets off to find her birth father.  Meanwhile, Frank is visiting Laurel’s dad, trying to get information. He found a clue, a key to a safe deposit box. Then we get another clue, that Laurel is talking to the FBI. How true is that? And were they the ones who took her? It makes a lot of sense, the sudden disappearance into thin air with her child.

Thanks to Nate’s suspicion, Annalise is questioning and doubting Tegan. Tegan is offended after all that she has done for her. And I don’t blame Annalise, even though Tegan has yet to do something shady. The word is out about Vivian so now they try to dig up any type of dirt on her to use as leverage against. Bonnie uses her position to get information on Vivian as well and Annalise tries to warn her against doing it. But I can understand Bonnie’s need to be prepared But you can tell from the clerks face that she was skeptical of her story and she might report it to someone.

Still working that case. Well, the kid contacted his mother and now they have to battle ICE. And Connor wins his case, but Hector gets puts in foster care and he promises that he will get his mom asylum. Bad move. And everyone knows that it is a bad idea. But Connor feels strongly about the situation.

Annalise finds out that Vivian is talking to the FBI and Bonnie gets found out at work and she was fried. Vivian doesn’t believe Gabriel is a murderer and Annalise uses that info against her and tells Vivian to leave. But Vivian is still whining about a man she chose to let go. Annoying…………Frank continues following leads on Laurel. Vivian confronts Gabriel and Michaela runs to the person she claims she hates the most. And here we go with the blame game. He died of a stroke and she blames Annalise for that too. It’s getting real old. If I was Annalise I would ditch all they asses.

And we end the episode with more questions than answers and Michaela sitting in an interrogation room.