Hello there, people!

I welcome you to this amazing new year 2k18 (Though, I am later than almost everyone here. Sorry for that, flu caught me. But, now I’m here with all new amazing stuff!)

It is quite awkward to start the year with a review that has a title like that. Isn’t it? But, why not? It’s #Shameless.

This episode brings a lot of chaos to the table. Things are more messy than ever. Where should we start from?

. . . Francis sounds good. This new hero on the show is set out to rock the world around him. He is giving his best he can do for Liam’s school and in doing the efforts, he charms a lot of mothers at the school in PTA meetings. He is practically a hero to them. He enjoys this new AVATAR.

When his life is going all smooth, one might think, where is that #Shameless fun? Well, Fiona’s ex Sean is back now in the town and Fiona is very furious about his amends making and recurring appearances.

Kevin and Veronica, on the other hand, visits BART’s family in Kentucky. (Who’s Bart??!) Kevin is totally overwhelmed by the hospitality they get there, while Veronica finds them a little racist.

Debbie finds nothing new with her life; when Carl tries (and succeeds in)to catching a junkie in their house. He sets up trap for him and finally catches him.

The best part of this episode happened with Lip and Eddie. Please watch it, if you haven’t already, because that was so-not-called for!

Ian and Trevor are (always and) still in tough spot. Ian does something stupid according to Trevor and things don’t go well then!

Let’s watch it guys and I’ll see you later with other great (or may be not so great) episodes.

Happy New Year once again and keep showing your love towards TGON.