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The Good Place – The Burrito

Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason consider how much they have improved; Michael is left to deal with the consequences of his recent actions.
The Good Place - Season 2
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Our humans are finally in front of the judge – who is almost a burrito but then turns out to be the fabulously magnificent Maya Rudolph.

Everything has led up to this moment, at least until the next twist happens and throws us all for a loop all over again.

Anyway until then, this is it! These guys went through the actual Bad Place and jumped through a portal to beg this all knowing judge to hear them out and grant them access to the actual Good Place. The judge can literally decide their eternal fate so there’s a lot of pressure on this moment and this first impression.

Source: The Good Place // NBCU

They land in this weird lobby of a law office and take a moment of sadness because they think they’ve lost Michael & Janet. They quickly get distracted by the random burrito sitting on the large wooden desk, wondering if the burrito is a test or if perhaps, the burrito IS the judge!

Before they start talking to the burrito, the ACTUAL judge appears behind them in the form of the incredible Maya Rudolph!!! The rest of this recap could honestly be me fawning over Maya, the way she portrayed this all knowing judge as a cool mom with jokes & a love of hot sauce was just perfect – then again she can do no wrong.

Judge Maya gives each little human a test, because she finds them adorable and has some time to kill before her next case. They want to do the test as a group but that’s not something she can allow so instead they ask to be graded together – all for one and one for all. If even one of them fails and doesn’t get to the Good Place, they all fail. BBs want to stick together <3.

The Good Place - Season 2
Source: The Good Place // NBCU

Jason’s test is to play a video game but play against his beloved Jaguars

  • All he has to do is control his impulses and say that he didn’t want to play, instead he basically told Maya Rudolph to shut up and go away so he fails the test.

Tahani’s test is to walk all the way down a long hallways where everyone she’s ever known is talking about her and not be tempted to listen in

  • Queen T actually does a really good job, she walks past SO MANY rooms with SO MANY cool people possibly talking shit about her but the one room she can’t ignore is the one her parents are in. She goes in to listen to them and they are STILL talking about her sister. So she sticks up for herself in an almost commendable way and fails the test.
The Good Place - Season 2
Source: The Good Place // NBCU

Chidi’s test is to pick a hat

  • yes. that’s it. picking a hat.
  • he is presented with 2 Fedoras and it takes him 80something minutes to pick one (and honestly he picks the wrong one for his outfit) & so he fails his test.

Eleanor’s test is to decide if she wants to go to The Good Place, with someone she thinks is Chidi

  • Queen Judge Maya tells her and someone we all think is Chidi at the time that they have made it to the good place but they can’t go with Tahani & Jason. “Chidi” says that they deserve to go, because why would they punish themselves if the other 2 never get to go anyway.
  • This helps Eleanor realize that that isn’t the real Chidi – because he would never want to be rewarded for his friends failure.
The Good Place - Season 2
Colleen Hayes / NBC

When all the tests are over, Judge Maya gathers the humans and lets them know that they failed the test. When she gets to Eleanor & is about to reveal that she passed, Eleanor makes up a story about a fake test and lies about failing so her friends don’t feel bad…cue awwws.

While all this is happening, Michael is with Sean and Bad Janet, trying to spin his way out of his past anti-demon actions. It doesn’t work though, Sean berates him and decides to banish him. This banishment is worst than retirement, Michael gets sent to a room with nothing it it but New Yorker magazines. BUT THEN GUYS! Bad Janet strangles Sean and throws him against the wall! Turns out, that wasn’t Bad Janet, it was our Bae Good Janet all along! She rescues Michael and they both run towards the portal to save their human friends.

Maya Rudolph plays them a slideshow of their time together and is about to send them through the Bad Place portal when Michael and Janet burst through the other portal, coming in clutch to save the day…maybe.

The Good Place - Season 2
Source: The Good Place // NBCU

The season finale of The Good Place airs Thursday on NBC.

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