Now that Gladys is out of the picture, we can now focus on getting to the bottom of who and why G&G players are committing heinous crimes, doing drugs, and being violent. Luckily, in this episode we got the information from Princess Jelly bean. In this episode we saw how Jughead used small information from Jelly bean to get to the Gargoyle king. On a side note, it’s also prom season so you know what that means. A night of love, magic, and in this case more murders in Riverdale.

Archie’s Future

Let’s thank Archie for choosing a sport that allows him to be shirtless! Just kidding(not kidding). It’s clear that Archie has found his calling which is boxing. Now that he has his own Gym or more like Veronica’s gym, he can share his talent with the world and give other young people the opportunity to be successful. Archie has also given up on the traditional college route which was pretty much already aligned for him. Maybe Hiram’s evil plans weren’t so bad after all. Archie knows his calling and he got a free gym out of it. Not to mention that Archie has the best parents out of all of his peers in Riverdale.

Archie’s mother made a return to Riverdale to catch up with her sun, but by surprise she actually was more supportive of Archie’s new passion than I thought. She wasn’t quick to sign Archie’s boxing papers to compete in a match so Archie forged her signature. Instead she offered Archie an alternative that would give him the opportunity to get an education, join the army and box. This was actually the smartest decision, but Archie blew it when he double booked himself and starved to meet the weight limit. Of course we can’t forget about his Manager Veronica who eventually became his prom date. We all saw this coming!

     Prom Queens


Photo Source: The CW

I was all for Choni for prom queens, but it’s against the farm rules to campaign for prom even though Evelyn has been to 30 of them. I honestly thought this was a stupid rule, but farmies will do anything to be apart of the farm. I also thought it was really rude of Edgar to threaten to take Jason away from Cheryl. I’m still curious as to how Edgar is making this possible. I’m going to guess that Edgar is giving the farm members drugs because they all act like they’re doing something illegal.

The Prom Queen Quest


Betty Vs. The Blackhood

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Jughead was informed that the Gargoyle king had a gospel that needed to be fulfilled. He later found it on a abandoned bus while Betty dug into her father’s death. She was convinced that her father wasn’t dead and that her father staged his death. To find out if this was true, Betty changed the prom theme to medieval style which actually looked really nice and won prom queen as a part of her quest. While everyone continued to enjoy the prom, Betty was about to flip for her fate when she approached the Gargoyle king who so happened to have the black hood by his side.

At first I suspected that Betty’s father was the Gargoyle King, but it seems that he is a major player in the game. What was suppose to be a great night for a queen ended up turning into a fear fest. I wonder why her father would want to hurt her after she spoke to Hiram about getting him a better cell and visited him occasionally. Although he is evil, I do believe that he still loves his daughter. I also thought it was super creepy how the black hood now has a hook. He looks like the hash slinging slasher!

Rating 5/5

I really enjoyed this episode because of the intensity between Betty, the farm, and the black hood. I like how they made Prom Night appear like a classic cliché version of a horror film, but I didn’t  like that this episode didn’t focus much on the prom. When the cast is preparing for a musical we get an episode full of songs, plots, and character development. This episode fell short of all of those things. I was hoping to see the classic preparation of prom, trying on dresses, hair, makeup, and corsages. Then again, I don’t believe any one of these teenagers actually participate in teenage things besides Cheryl. The others are busy running businesses, stopping crime, and joining cults. I was disappointed that the prom episode didn’t show much of the prom traditions, but I;m thankful for the drama.