Episode Synopsis:

A new work detail doesn’t go over well with the new inmates. Judy seeks help from Poussey. Maria finds a place she can conduct business.

The Inmates:

Starting over

We start the episode with Piper crying in her bed, right after she had just gotten branded. While this is happening, Red is frantic because she can’t find her mirror. When she eventually has to leave to start cooking, Piper’s bunkmate turns out her light and asks Piper if she’s ok. This was a strange interaction between Piper and her bunkmate because just a few hours ago, her bunkmate had thrown Piper under the bus, and now she’s asking Piper if she’s ok? That seems out of character. Maybe she immediately regretted what she did, but who knows. Later, Piper decides to call her brother, and she has a nice talk with him. He tells her that he’s going to be a father, and that instantly cheers Piper up. Outside, the inmates gather, and Piscatella tells them that Whispers is no more because of what happened with the panty businesses, but now the inmates are learning a new skill. Construction. The down side to this is that this job doesn’t pay, so the girls are pissed. Another thing that was quite funny was that the girls were cat calling their teacher. In an environment like this, we see a lot of inappropriate behavior with guards talking about the inmates, but it was kind of flipped in this moment because the girls were attracted to this new man on campus. While the girls are working, Piper is looking pretty rough, and we see that her burn is starting to bleed. When she goes to freshen up by the garden, she finds Alex and Nicky smoking crack. Feeling defeated, Piper decides that she’ll smoke crack with them, and ends up showing the two her burn. She tells them that she regrets everything that she did. And while everyone is sharing, Alex comes clean about killing the guard. Finally after work, Piper returns to bed, and Red comes to talk to her. She asks about her bloody arm, and Piper ends up showing her the burn. To make things better in an unusual way, Red decides that in order to fix Piper’s swastika, she’d have to fix it somehow. In the end, she decides to make it a window. I was really happy with Piper in this episode. She finally realized that she was making poor choices, and tried to fix them for the most part. I just hope Maria is done with her, so she doesn’t have to suffer again.

Trying to make amends

There is guard who is ogling at the girls while they are trying to take a shower. We see he was actually suppose to be protecting Judy. Unfortunately, Judy is hating being followed around by guards on a regular basis. When she returns to her room, Yoga Jones talks to her and you can see that she’s trying to get pampered, since Litchfield would do anything for Judy in order to make her feel comfortable. Later, Judy goes to the library to talk to Poussey about the puppet show. She tries to apologize for being racist, and lets her know that she doesn’t want to get jumped by the other girls. After much persuasion, Poussey agrees that she’ll talk to the other girls. While eating, Poussey finds out about paparazzi photo and has an idea. When the other girls are outside, Judy finds Cindy, and gives her a giant kiss. Cindy looks all confused, but then Poussey runs over with Alison’s phone and shows the girls the picture of Judy kissing Cindy. It’s so funny that Judy is totally into the paparazzi photo idea and is running wild with it.

Staying faithful

Lorna is having a difficult time being around Nicky. Now that Nicky is out of max, she is desperate for some human interaction, so she keep bugging Lorna about hooking up. But like the good wife that she is, Lorna keeps on telling Nicky that she is married and has to be faithful. And out of annoyance, Nicky tells Lorna that Vincent is probably cheating on her anyway. That gets the ball rolling yet again about Lorna being insecure about what Vincent is doing in the real world. At visitation, Lorna talks to her sister, and tells her that she’s worried that Vincent is cheating on her. He hasn’t called her or visited her in a while, so she wants her to check up on him for her.

Drug business

Martiza is still helping out with the now drug business, but she’s getting a little nervous. She talks to Maria and tells her that she might not want to help out anymore because she doesn’t want to get caught. Unfortunately, Maria tells her that she doesn’t have a choice. This totally sucks because Maria is becoming stone cold; maybe even more than Piper was. She thinks she has total control over her girls and will hurt them if they even decide to call it quits on the business. I hope karma comes to her soon because she needs to be stopped. We see later that Maria is actually selling her drugs at the salon, and of course Nicky came over to get some.

The dream

Aleida has started doing nails for the inmates in the salon and is enjoying herself. Daya comes in and shoots down all her happiness by telling her that she won’t be getting money straight away. First she has to go to cosmetology school, rent a place, and buy equipment before she can start earning any kind of money. That immediately saddens Aleida, but Daya eventually realizes what she has said, and tells her that she can work for someone else at first, and then take over their business. When Maria comes in and gets situated, Aleida sees that she’s running her drug business in the salon, and tells her she wants nothing to do with it. Stone cold Maria fires back by saying that she doesn’t need to paint nails in the same area. There is plenty of other places to run her nail business.

An apology

Yet again, we get to see more interaction between Coates and Pennsatucky. Most of the times, they seem rather awkward, but this time around, they had an even more sincere conversation about what happened between them. Coates tells Pennsatucky that he wishes he could go back in time to the first time they met because he wishes that he had treated her better. He apologizes for what he did to her, and Pennsatucky actually accepts his apology. I’m still not sure what she thinks of him though, because when she walked away, it was hard to read what she was feeling. Hopefully a weight was lifted off of her because she was definitely traumatized by the fact that she got raped.


Caputo is still upset about his educational program changing so much, and he’s mostly panning it on Linda, because she was the one who didn’t fight for the classes to be non-vocational. While they are cooking together, there is a knock on the door, and it’s Sophia wife, Crystal. Crystal is out for justice for her wife because she doesn’t know how she’s holding up in SHU. Caputo is understanding, but tells Linda that MCC, aka, her, won’t let him release Sophia. After more talk back and forth, Linda finally pulls out a gun on Crystal. That’s when I knew that Linda was completely nuts.