Better Call Saul: Season 3 First-Look Set Photos

How’s everyone’s hiatus going? Absolutely terrible? Me too. But hey, at least AMC finally threw us a bone this week and released some set photos from Season 3, currently filming in ABQ.


(All photos by Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television)

As is to be expected, there’s nothing major revealed in these first four photos from the season. HOWEVER, we do see Gene at the mall (in color, which just seems so wrong), confirming that everyone’s favorite sad, balding Cinnabon man will make at least one appearance this coming season. Will they keep with tradition and open season 3 with Gene in black-and-white? Only time will tell but I HOPE SO. We also see Jimmy and the lovely-as-ever Kim Wexler in what may be a shared office, as well as the Brothers McGill at Chuck’s place, which is still space-blanketed to hell.

Now, if they will just tell us when EXACTLY season 3 is going to start, that would be great. The vague “Early 2017″ isn’t doing it for me anymore.


Author: Ali Sciarabba

Twitter: @alimscribbles

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