A Glimpse into the Furry Fandom’s Artists

What’s a proper fandom without some artists? It should be no surprise that the furry fandom has its own collection of artists that span all sorts of different mediums and styles, and today we’re going to be taking a very small glimpse at some of these fuzzy artists. Actually, it’s kinda more or less microscopic – seriously! There are hundreds of artists in the fandom and I hesitate to even call this scratching the surface.

One thing I think that makes furry artists unique amongst other fandom artists is the high amount of original character artwork produced; true, other fandoms such as Steven Universe might have “Gemsonas”, and the My Little Pony fandom have Ponysonas on top of other fandoms’ own fan characters, and fan art in the furry fandom is definitely not rare. But wander around the online art world of the furry fandom and you’ll find yourself lost in a sea of original characters of all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Furry artists also provide invaluable services to the furry fandom on top of the content they produce. Many furry artists make their way – and some even make their living – off of doing various kinds of commissions for other furries. These range from drawings that feature one or more characters, to character badges, and even reference sheets for characters. Why, if it weren’t for the furry artists many-a-furry would never be able to see their characters come to life. So artists of the fandom, this one’s for you.

Now, let’s have us a look at the artists I have in store for you all today.

There Was Me, That is Clockwork

ClockworkCoon has been active as a furry artist for quite some years. I remember seeing them out and about in the local furry scene, and a few years ago I started commissioning her to draw artwork for characters from various stories I write.

What’s great about Clockwork is that one, she likes A Clockwork Orange – I mean her character’s real name is even Piper DeLarge – and that her art has a distinct, cute cartoon look to it. She also dabbles in plenty of different mediums, from traditional art to one of her main attractions – the Lenticular Badge. Check it out:

Lenticular Badge 1 - Clockwork
“Lenticular Badge for Tensai” by ClockworkCoon

Now isn’t that neat? It’s not too often you see a transforming character badge! Though if you’re ever thinking about snagging one of these beauties for yourself you’d better pay close attention to Clockie’s journals and Twitter announcements – the limited slots for these tend to fill up fast!

Clockie’s also a furry that does the good ol’ “sketch by pencil and trace digitally” thing, as you can see with this side-by-side comparison here. This actually seems to be something that quite a few artists do:

I really dig the rainbow effects on the phoenix’s tail, too! And speaking of sketches done by hand, she’s also dabbled in doing more traditional style commissions. If you’re interested in checking out more of Clockwork’s art, click here to go to her Fur Affinity, though unfortunately she doesn’t have animations up for the Lenticular Badges’ transformations. Still neat to see the art, though!

If you’ve never been to FA, well it’s basically the Face Book of the furry fandom. And while NSFW art does get posted there, all guest users have NSFW content locked, in fact it won’t even appear on the site unlike some other sites. You’ll only be able to see NSFW art if you make an account and manually deactivate the lock yourself. Though don’t test it on Clockie’s gallery, as her’s is completely SFW.

A Quiet Song for the Forest

While some furries only dabble in traditional style artwork, there are artists such as Luthien Nightworlf that seem like masters of the traditional style. Utilizing a professional blend of colored pencil and inks Luthien brings to live vivid fantasy images that never fail to be breathtaking – and at times downright adorable – taking the viewer to far off, distant fantasy worlds. Just look at this amazing artwork:

A Lost Kingdom of Peace - Luthien Nightwolf
“A Lost Kingdom of Peace” by Luthien Nightwolf

As you can see, she specializes quite well in making full, beautiful fantasy backdrops to go with her characters – so much that this is one of the few caveats when commissioning her: she’ll only do fantasy artwork. But it’s fantastic fantasy fun, so I’m not complaining. She’s also produced other kinds of artwork, such as book marks and badges. If you get a commission by her make sure you watch her Face Book page, as she’ll post images showing her progress on a commission – and for a single character, simple background image she works fast! I got my goat character Fenadu done playing his flute and she finished it within a matter of hours from the sketch step all the way to the completed product. It really is something to see.

In The Deep Woods - Luthien Nightwolf
“In the Deep Woods” by Luthien Nightwolf

So if you find yourself fancying some flawless fantasy frolics, you should totally check out Luthien Nightwolf’s FA. Just be weary if you make an account there, as there is NSFW art that peppers her page. It’s no less fantastical fantasy work though – no pun intended.

Digital Minotaur Goodness

Minibell, also known as Nastacula to the SoCal furries, is a great artist that offers up some super vivid digital style artwork. They’re also a bit of a social furry, as they’ve been spotted at local cons such as Califur, and have even attended the ever-spectacular Tail Party on a few occasions, a local event that happens in at a Long Beach club.

Minibell’s art offers some pretty sweet and colorful submissions, with bright colors and, to me, an intensity that always seems to pull me in to one degree or another. Not only that, but she’s just as capable of drawing something badass as they are drawing something adorable. And check out this commission they did for a furry that all but begs to be accompanied by an 80’s synthesizer riff:

Insert Coin, Press Start - Nastacula
“Insert Coin, Press Start” by Nastacula

But Minibell is no stranger to producing more traditional style artwork, as they have been prone to taking on pen-and-pencil commissions when out and about at conventions. She also often sells print of previous original artwork or fan artwork – when I first ran into her booth at Califur 2016 I got a sweet print of The Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask as well as the most adorable pencil-and-ink commission of my chubby bunny Tamagi. Check out this fierce but cute traditional drawing she did this past year at Califur 2017:

Pawscreen vs. Evil Dead - Nastacula
“Pawscreen vs. Evil Dead” by Nastacula

Whether you like ‘em badass 80’s, cute and tumbly, or petit and fierce, you should definitely check out Minibell’s FA page. Though account holders be warned if you check out her alternate account, Nastacula, as there be NSFW drawings abound!


And that’s about all the time I’ve got for this fuzzy furry frenzy. There are still a few things I’d like to cover involving the furry fandom’s artists, but that will have to hold over until another time. Like any of the pieces featured here? Have a particular favorite? Sound off in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and as always I’ll see you fellow nerds later!


Author: Niko Linni

Hiya! My name's Niko Linni. Just a friendly little bunny from over in Long Beach. Reading, writing, learning, and growing all the time.

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