After a 3 week hiatus, Jane The Virgin is finally back and a dirty political brawl came with it! Okay, not really, but Jane and Petra’s rivalry DID come to a head over the position of room mom at their kids’ preschool. 

Now that the two women have matured and been through some pretty taxing life experiences (Michael’s death, Rafael’s imprisonment), you would think that their issues with each other would have evaporated. But, as Rogelio mentioned to Jane–in possibly his most fitting dad advice yet–she and Petra have a classic telenovela rivalry. They will always find something to fight about, because the root issue will always remain: Rafael (more on this later). We may finally be past their issues of parental insecurity, though. Neither really wanted to be room mom, they just didn’t want the other to get it. After Jane talked to Rogelio and realized all that matters is that she’s a good mom to Mateo and Petra talked to Rafael and realized it’s GOOD to be “the dragon”, both women dropped out of the race and the rightful room mom was appointed: Rafael. While for a minute, it seemed like we may be getting a break from the Jane and Petra drama for a while, something BIG happened. Rafael and Petra’s relationship has really grown in this 3-year time jump; they’ve become very supportive and dependent on each other. While at first glance, it may seem like this is similar to his relationship with Jane, we realized at the end of the episode it is much, much more. Yep. Petra and Rafael hooked up. And while it was glorious in the moment (I can ship Jane and Raf and still sort of ship Raf and Petra, okay? Don’t tell me what to do!), it’s really gonna open a can of worms. There is no way Jane will REALLY be okay with this. This is most likely how the Jane-Petra rivalry with be reignited in full force. And possibly, just possibly, Jane’s feelings for Rafael. (Yay).

On to other love revelations…

Xiomara is now engaged to Bruce, but she’s not all that excited about it. We really see Xo’s character development in this episode, because she’s trying to think through her feelings with Jane, instead of rushing to any conclusions…but we all know what’s really going on. She’s not over Rogelio.

Cut to Ro, who’s in a tux fitting with Mateo (the cutest moment ever), and complaining about Xo and Bruce. While trying to reprimand him for this later, Jane finds out that Ro is not desperate for a child anymore. Mateo has filled that void. Jane realizes immediately that the barrier keeping XoRo (we ran a Twitter poll and that name won) apart is now gone. Jane, of course, tells Xiomara and she calls off her engagement. Is a XoRo reunion in our future?!

Side note: Alba is SMOKIN. And she has a new Boyfriend, Jorge, the manager of the shop at the Marbella!

And so last week was big for the love lives of the Villanuevas and Solanos. Tonight we can expect the same, as Jane gets back into the dating game.