The long awaited Halloween special arrived last week. “Bob’s Burgers” season 10 episode 4 ,”Pig Trouble in Little Tina”,  brought us another Tine heavy special with a fun twist. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda spent the whole show trying to eradicate the plague on Bob’s ear. Also, don’t forget the iconic, creative costumes.

Bobs Burgers (Pig Trouble In Little Tina 1) (904)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

Once again, Tina was reminded of her friends (or lack there of) and all the issues that conflict with trying to please the crowd versus following her heart. During a fetal pig dissection in her class, Tina made fun of her “ugly” pig despite not wanting to in-order to gain favor and an invitation out. This leads to Tina being “haunted” by her fetal pig supposedly for ridiculing it. It was obvious that these events were only inside Tina’s sleep deprived mind throughout the episode. Hence the shock factor was not that great but despite that, it was still interesting to see what actions the characters involved took.

Tine may sub-come to per-pressure every now and again but one of the greatest things about her is that in the end she will not sacrifice her ideals to please others no matter how many butts and Jimmy Jr kisses are on the line (fans will get the joke). Taking into account the inner feelings held by Tina was an amazing way to relate to the underline guilt many feel at least once. Transitions from reality to dreams were made tastefully and the overall flow of the episode came across as natural.  In the end, Tina took a stand, got her kiss and had proven once again she is a formidable young woman. “Bob’s Burgers” has proven the superior regarding relate-able animation.

Bobs Burgers (Pig Trouble In Little Tina 5) (904)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

As Tina struggles to fend off her inner demons, Bob and Linda spent the whole air time trying to figure out Bob’s ear trouble. It was comedic watching the two adults struggle so passionately of ear wax. Despite being funny, it felt like it could have been replaced with something more holiday oriented. Furthermore, it was odd that they struggled so much but they way they structured events made it less about the technical opposed to just being funny to watch.

Bobs Burgers (Pig Trouble In Little Tina 4) (904)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

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Happy Halloween!