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Sabrina Is Still Here

     As you’ve seen in multiple media articles, Netflix has planned to end The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina after this season. Fans are outraged by this announcement, but at least we have this last season to cherish. We’re also living in an age of constant reboots, so who’s to say this will be the last time we will see the teenage witch on-screen. We might even get the crossover we’ve been dying to see since the show first aired. 

 From the previous season, we’ve learned that Sabrina is more powerful than ever. She endangered and saved the coven from the Pagans. There are now two versions of Sabrina in existence. Lastly, Blackwood was freed again. At the end of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Part 3 Chapter Twenty-Eight: “Sabrina Is Legend” Blackwood was seen with his two children and Agatha plotting their revenge on the Spellman family. When Agatha asked Blackwood what he birthed. He claimed that he birth the end of the Spellman’s which has brought us here to season 4. 

The Force Of Darkness

The Eldritch’s darkness appeared in Greendale as old-time miners, but underneath the mask and clothing, they’re entities of Darkness that kill the light. I thought it was clever of Blackwood to make this his first move in hopes to weaken the coven once again. The Eldritch Terror is a strong representation of depression in this episode. This force of Darkness attacks the mental state by filling their headspace with fear and insecurities. If you really want to tear someone apart, it starts from the inside. 

As powerful as Sabrina is, we got to witness her vulnerable side when she began to feel herself being apart from her friends. I wouldn’t say that Sabrina failed at love, all of her partners didn’t work out because of her complex life. Sabrina began to feel alone as she witnessed all of her friends and ex-partners so happy together. She shied away from other guys who asked her out because she’s in fear of messing it up thanks to the Eldritch Terror. Sabrina went so far into despair that she cried Bloody Marry, literally.

The Other Life Of Sabrina

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Sabrina’s double is living the life of a queen in hell. When we got a glimpse of how Sabrina was presented as queen in an old fashioned manner, I was surprised to see her living it up with Calaban. Sabrina herself questioned her double’s life choices, but we all know that hunk of clay is irresistible. I love that Sabrina’s double is a more bubbly version of herself. They’re the same person of course, but the double is more free-flowing. Another small difference in both of them is the different colored headbands. 

   I felt like this was the energy she needed when she felt lonely. Both Sabrina’s balance each other out and will make this last season a lot more adventurous. In the end, it took both Sabrinas and the coven to stop the Eldritch’s darkness from taking over Greendale. From the look on Blackwood’s face, this is just the beginning.

Rating: 5/5

This season is off to a good start, I love how strong the first episode started off. As I continue to watch these episodes, I’m hoping that each one will be more exciting than the last. In previous seasons, there were episodes of highs and lows mixed in each season. I like this concept, but if this is really the last season, I’m looking forward to being on the edge of my seat. I believe this will be more achievable because we’re seeing less of Blackwood. The smallest scenes of his plans give the audience a chance to speculate the unpredictable future events without his insight. 

  We witnessed the kiss between Zelda and Marie at the end of season 3. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her relationship with Marie. Since season one, I always despised Zelda because she was stuck in her own ways, but her new attitude has given me hope that she will become a stronger character. I also love how Sabrina’s double helped her and became a friend to Sabrina when she felt lonely. Her own perspective of herself encouraged her to get back out into the dating world and regain confidence in herself. Overall, I have a feeling that this season will be better than the last.

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