Episode Synopsis:

Nothing stays hidden for long when emotions run high, but Red, Healy and Caputo try to keep the peace. Piper has a business competitor.

The Inmates:

Sophia wants out

We finally get to see what has been happening to Sophia, since she got sent to the shoe and nothing is progressing positively. Nobody will let her see Caputo, so she gets her revenge by putting her food and a towel in the toilet and letting it overflow her cell. Finally, Caputo comes to see her and reveals that he’s talked to Sophia’s wife and they both think it’s best for her to stay at the shoe. Of course Sophia thinks Caputo is lying and continues to flood her cell. After moving her to a dry cell, she continues to cause a scene by setting her cell on fire. I was really feeling for Sophia in this episode because I can only imagine the feeling of being in a small cell alone for so long. It must really play with your mental psyche. And of course it was terrible that she missed her son’s birthday and has no idea what is going on in the world. I hope we get to see more of Sophia and see her finally get out of the shoe.

What to do with Lolly

If we already thought Lolly was bat shit crazy, then we now know that she can take it to an even deeper level. We continue with Freida telling Alex that she still thinks they should kill Lolly. That just sends the whole situation into a whirlwind because then Alex goes to Red and confides in her about what is going on. She wants Red to talk some sense into Freida. This eventually leads to a full on discussion between Red, Freida, Lolly and Alex. Lolly goes on and on about the drones circling the property and funnily enough, Red agrees that they’ll have to kill Lolly. I’m always 50/50 about Lolly. At times her character is super quirky and comical, but at other times, like in this episode, I was on Freida and Red’s side. Lolly has to go. It would be funny though if in the end, the government was actually spying on the inmates. but who knows.

Healy’s life

This episode mostly focused on Healy’s life, and it was actually pretty sad to watch. From the get go, Healy has always been kind of strange and mysterious, and now we get to see what shaped him into being that way. We saw a couple flashbacks of him as a kid and witnessing that his mother had a mental disorder. She got electric shock therapy because she had delusions, and after one night of talking to young Healy about stopping her treatments, she ended up walking out the door and disappearing. We also got to see flashbacks of Healy when he was older and trying his hand at dating. You could see that he was pretty awkward around women, and it might have come about because he wasn’t even comfortable around his own mother. We know he became a therapist, and we saw that he went on a date with one of his clients. That scene kind of foreshadowed what was to come with Red. Also, we witnessed Healy finding his mother on his doorstep. Yet again, there was disappointment because her disorder had pretty much taken over her life and Healy sadly couldn’t fix it. This leads us into what was going on in the prison. First off, Healy was meddling in Judy’s business yet again. He saw that her and Joel were getting along, and that made him jealous. He immediately went to Caputo and demanded that they should keep Judy busy. He comes up with the idea that Judy should teach a cooking class to the rest of the inmates. After telling Judy about the class, she declines, but he forces her anyway. This scene made me think because what is with Healy and his infatuation with Judy? It was terrible that he forced her to teach the class, but I was happy that she stood up for herself and had Healy removed as her counselor. The other storyline that Healy was involved with was with Lolly. I actually thought this was a pretty nice tie-in between his past and present. We witnessed him dealing with his mothers delusions, but then he had to deal with Lolly’s. I was on the edge of my seat when Lolly revealed that she killed a guard, but because of her delusions, Healy didn’t believe her.

This is war

Things are getting even more intense between Piper and Maria because now Maria is in full force panty business mode. One of her girls is stealing panty material and Piper is having none of it. She even had her bunk mate tackle Maria’s girl for the underwear material. Also, Piper is losing recruits, like Flaca and Maritza because they’re going to work for Maria. I wonder if Maria’s business will be any better than Piper’s? And I’m pretty sure we’re almost at the breaking point with these two because one empire is definitely going down.


We see that Taystee is on the fence about her new job with Caputo. On one hand, she can call people outside of the prison, like when she called the Public Library about current events going on in the world, but on the other hand, she has to actually do work like creating files and all the tasks receptionist do. Like I thought before, I knew that the girls would be bugging her to do stuff for them. I also have to throw in that we finally know the name of Cindy’s enemy bunk mate. Her name is Alison and even though she doesn’t get along with Cindy, I’m interested to see how she gets along with everyone else throughout the rest of the season. Also, we don’t really know Alison’s personality yet, so is she crazy or not?

Early release

We get surprising news that Aleida is eligible for early release. Later, she ends up telling Gloria too, but we find out that Aleida is scared to go back into the real world because no one will want to hire an ex convict and she doesn’t know how she’s going to support herself, along with her children. Thankfully, Gloria gives her some great advice about going back to school and setting a good example, and that’s enough for Aleida to worry a little less. She also tells Daya, which is sad because then the mother-daughter duo will be separated.


We finally get to see some interaction between Pennsatucky and Coates and it wasn’t really what I was expecting. Yea, Pennsatucky finally asked Coates if he was raping Maritza, but what really got me was the fact that Coates didn’t think he raped Pennsatucky. To any other person, it’s pretty obvious to see, but like Lolly, he’s having delusions that he did it out of love. I’m guessing Coates hasn’t been in a lot of relationships because I’m pretty sure having relations with another person, means having both people consent to what’s happening.