We open with Terry Ive’s mish mash of memories and Eleven recap of what she’s seen. She explains to Becky what she’s seen. They discuss what she’s seen- two girls in the Rainbow room. One looks distinctly like a young Kali, and Eleven and Becky look for her in the files. Only when  Eleven finds her missing persons article does she realize that Terry knew more. Eleven dive in again, trying to reach out to find Kali, but cannot find her with her psionic gift. Eleven stares at the picture of a young Kali trying to  find anything that might link her to the girl.  She finds  a fire,  and a girl near it. Becky is found on the phone with  the police trying to find Hopper about Eleven. Becky realizes Eleven has heard her, and Eleven leaves to find Kali on her own.

Cue Eleven (now Jane) asleep on a bus, on her way to find Kali. She keeps getting glimpses of who she is and where she is going. She makes her way to Illinois, into a busy city. It’s Eleven’s first time in a huge city, and she is eager to explore. Eleven makes her way to the part of town that caters to the homeless, dangerous people. She eventually makes it to a warehouse she has seen Kali had previously. Kali’s gang is suspect, and Eleven says she’s looking for her sister. She shows the gang Kali’s picture. Axe threatens her, and Kali makes him think spiders are on him.

Kali asks who she is; and finds the eleven tattoo on her hand that matches Kali’s eight tattoo. They are both products of the Hawkins lab experiments, and hug in recognition of each other and the trials they have been through.

Kali and Jane speak candidly about their gifts, and that Hopper is naive for thinking he can work a detail with Hawkins Lab to keep her safe. Kali explains her gift, and what it can and can’t do. Kali can make people see or not see things- and it doesn’t have to be scary.

Jane is concerned at Kali isn’t real, and the two bond over their mutual strangeness. Kali sets up a bed for Jane, and expresses that she feels whole now that Jane is with her. She doesn’t understand what it means, and tells Jane she thinks that this is her home now. They are close and mutually bonded.

We return to Axe and co, where  the gang teases Kali for Jane’s naivete. Kali returns to the game and pitches that she wants to make use of Jane and her gifts.

Jane hears Hopper’s radio conversation that he is sorry; but is suddenly woken by Kali, who introduces her to the gang. The real plan is shown here when Kali explains to Jane that they are trying to find  anyone who was in some way responsible for the Hawkins Lab. using only their IDs. Kali explains that the men still want to hurt them, and that they need to kill them. Jane decides to join them in eradicating the people responsible.

Kali encourages Jane to use her powers to  not only see what she can do, but to guide her into  releasing her anger through using her powers. Kali encourages her to move the train, though Jane can’t quite do it; Kali helps her channel her anger into power. Jane tries again, looking for that anger that might help, and finds the moments she can draw on anger. She finds the one of Max and Mike, and of Hopper telling her that her mother is no longer around. The memory of fighting with Hopper, the memories of the lab and of Terry Ive’s memories. Jane moves the train, collapsing just after. The gang is impressed and celebrates her. Jane tells Kali she feels good.

Kali shows Jane the wall  Hawkins employees that they are looking for. Jane recognizes one, and we see that Kali has been abused by them. Using Jane’s psionic ability, she looks for the target, and finds him.  They decide to go after him, but first- Jane needs a makeover.  The gang gets into the van and head out to find the man, though a police officer sees them and recognizes the van a little bit. Jane enjoys the music in the van, and they pull into a gas station to get gas to steal what they need from it once Kali has convinced the attendant that the bathroom is leaking. When he comes out, Kali tries to talk him down but Jane throws him. They dart into the van and leave to the sound of police sirens.

Arriving at the apartments, they use Jane to case the apartment.  They dawn masks and go in to find the man alone while he watches television. They enter the apartment, with Jane unlocking the door psionically. Ray cooperates, but Kali and Jane are out for revenge. They ask if he remembers them- he doesn’t. Kali makes him see them as the children they were when he hurt them. Jane throws him, and he tries to convince them he can take them to Brenner, who is apparently alive. Jane has doubts, and Kali eggs him on to kill Ray, though not to quick as he was “not so generous to her mother.”

Jane realizes he has two kids as Axel realizes there are two kids in the apartment, who have called the police. Kali insists Jane kill Ray who is begging for his life.  Kali pulls out a gun only to find that Jane uses her ability to rip it from her hands. They escape, but only just- with Kali furious Jane took her chance to kill Ray away.

We return to the gang in their hideout, where  Kali is seen tossing wood into the  fire and  looks up to the room they’ve given Jane. She comes to talk with Jane, trying to convince her not to be so merciful. Kali says she found family, and a home just like Jane and Hopper who she eventually lost. Due to her losses she is now who she is, and Kali uses her gifts on Jane to show her Brenner, and use her fear of Brenner to scare and anger Jane.

Kali tells Jane that this isn’t a prison and she can return to Hopper at any time, or avenge her mother.

We cut to a huge truck coming to the hideout with police in toe.  Mick is distracted as Dottie tries to play a game, and doesn’t see the policeman invading the hideout.

Cut to Jane who is memorizing and thinking of everyone in Hawkins. Of Hopper, of Will- she drops into the blackness of her psionic gift, and sees Hopper at a control station in scrubs. She sees Hopper realize he is at the graveyard. She sees Mike frantic to warn the Hawkins Lab staff that Will has been used as a trap. As she tries to get a hold of Mike, he disappears and suddenly Jane is alone; hearing nothing but banging.

Jane is woken from her revere by Kali, when the police enter the hideout. Kali uses her powers to hide them as the policeman walk right past them.  They hide behind the van, and a shoot out breaks out. The Van is shot up, and Kali uses her powers to make the policeman see a wall growing up and into the sky. The distraction is enough to give them a chance to get in. Jane is given a chance to go with Kali, and she decides to return to Hopper.

Kali tries to convince Jane to go with them, and Jane tells her that she needs to go back- to save her friends. The Van pulls out, speeding away and Jane runs away, heading back to Hawkins, leaving Kali visibly shaken.

We see Jane back on the bus, headed for Hawkins when a nice woman asks her how she’s doing.  She seems concerned for Jane and talks to her, but Jane doesn’t want to talk and mostly ignores her. Finally she answers that she is going home; returning to her friends.

With this episode so Eleven/Jane heavy, we are given a good chance to see her grow as a person, without the restraint of Hopper or Dr. Brenner, and we are finally seeing some real growth as a person. How will she react upon returning? Will she be the saving grace Hawkins needs?

Hopefully we’ll see more answers on episode eight, the Mind Flayer.