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Harlow is in trouble. Photo: Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

It’s been a fairly hectic week in Erinsborough, which I’m kind of glad about because my weeks are just an endless parade of monotony at the moment. But hey, at least I didn’t get arrested or accidentally bribe someone, so maybe the quiet life isn’t so bad after all…

Let’s get straight into last week’s UK round-up, for episodes 8395 -8399.

Mackenzie and Richie Are Everything

I love Richie, even with his questionable man bun, and I love the way his relationship with Mackenzie has been written, with Richie trying his best to be supportive of his girlfriend, even if he does get it wrong sometimes. It’s a big day for Mackenzie as she goes into hospital for her gender confirmation surgery, and Richie makes a pretty clumsy attempt to check on her welfare and her reasons for going through with the surgery, upsetting her. But he comes back later to make everything right by telling Mackenzie that he loves her. I am not a romantic at all, but that scene was so wholesome it even warmed my cold, dead heart, so well done to the Neighbours writers for that achievement.

Elly and Shaun Bang on the Lawn

In a street where people very often stick their noses over their fences to see what the neighbours are up to, there a few things that I would not be doing on my back lawn, and banging the world’s dullest man is certainly one of them. But Elly regards making terrible decisions as some kind of sport, so of course, she was happy to get down to it with Shaun in Karl and Susan’s garden in broad daylight. I think the thing that disturbs me the most about this is not even that Sheila could have popped her head over the fence at any moment, but that you just know that Karl and Susan have almost definitely already done the dirty on the very same lawn. Probably several times. Oh no, I suspect the prawn cocktail crisps I just ate might be trying to make a reappearance.

neighbours elly conway shaun watkins

Elly and Shaun in the garden where it happened. Photo: Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Harlow in Bumbag Drama

If there’s one thing I learned from being a child of the 1990’s, it’s that no good can ever come of a bumbag. Sweet, innocent Harlow learns this lesson after she finds a bumbag full of drugs at Hendrix’s 18th birthday party and is immediately arrested by Yashvi and Levi, who just happen to arrive at the precise moment that Harlow is hurriedly trying to get rid of them. Paul, because he’s awful, immediately blames Hendrix and yells at Pierce, which is his very favorite thing to do in the whole world, ignoring the fact that the party was taking place in a backpacker hostel, which is not known for being havens of clean living.

While we’re on the subject of Hendrix’s party, what was the point of having it before he actually turned 18? The thing he seems most excited about is being able to drink, and since everyone is being exceptionally prissy about not allowing him to drink underage, I do not understand why Harlow decided to hold his party several days before he could legally go on a bender. The boy just wants to get wasted.

neighbours harlow robinson

Step away from the bumbag. Photo: Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Is Yashvi About To Become Tedious?

I’ve always liked Yashvi but I have a horrible feeling that we are about to see her descend into the realm of being a tedious police officer, especially under the tutelage of Levi, who seems like a total jobsworth, even if he is pretty. I am begging the writers not to turn Yashvi into another Mishti, I couldn’t bear to see her become that boring.

Terese Accidentally Bribes A Police Sergeant

As soon as we saw Terese chatting with the random police sergeant who I don’t recall ever seeing before, I knew that he was going to reappear to cause havoc later, and I was right. Terese asks him to see if he can lend a hand with getting the drug charges against Harlow dropped, and as she was saying it I thought to myself, “Is she trying to bribe him?” It’s a shame that thought didn’t occur to Terese, because it turns out later that’s exactly what the police sergeant thought was happening, and he and his wife are now going to be living it up for free at Lassiters spa whenever the fancy takes them. It should come as no surprise to any of us that when facing 15 years in prison a few complimentary pedicures is a much better investment than paying Toadie to come and do whatever it is he does. I bet Elly wishes she’d known that a few months ago…