Fall TV is back in full swing and that means you’re probably overwhelmed with choices and wanting to pin down a perfect new schedule or need to know what to binge watch next. Regardless of what you’re looking for we know what you need to be watching.  Four words: Fresh Off the Boat.

Fresh Off the Boat Original promo image from ABC, with updated date by TGON Staff

One of ABC’s best comedies is returning for its fourth season on Tuesday, starting on October 3rd and it will be filling the 8:30 time slot — but all 3 of its prior seasons are available for streaming on Hulu, so if you haven’t given it a shot yet, let me convince you.

If “Returning ABC primetime comedy” isn’t already selling you I’m concerned, but let me describe it like this, it’s like if The Goldberg’s was set in the 90’s instead of the 80’s and had a warmer feel due to the children not being hormonal teens but were at an enjoyable, happy, developmental age where any drama feels more light hearted.

Fresh Off the Boat [Rights to ABC] – gif originally posted by rooeymara.tumblr.com

We have watched the three Huang boys (portrayed by Hudson Wang, Forrest Wheeler, and Ian Chen) grow up on this show both as actors and in the characters they play. While Hudson Wang does an amazing job portraying the childhood version of Eddie Huang (the chef and food personality that wrote the book the show was inspired by, but has subsequently not become his life story and made him slightly salty), we can’t help but feel that Ian Chen steals the spotlight as youngest sibling Evan. Evan is like if Young Sheldon had been written more believably and less trope. All three boys are brilliant, hilarious, and wonderful role models for boys today, and are sensitive souls that express emotion without it being questioned, and special mention to Forrest for highlighting that so well and being the most well adjusted TV middle sibling we’ve ever seen.

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Randall Park plays the father well and adds another layer of dad-type humour but the most gifable character and breakout star is Constance Wu, as Jessica.

Frssh Off the Boat [Rights to ABC] – gif posted by coldbodies.tumblr.com

With witty one liners, hilarious 90’s references, and dynamic and growing characters its everything you want ins show. Trust us.

So see how the Huangs deal with being misplaced after last season’s finale and join us as the hilarity ensues Tuesdays at 8:30pm on ABC.