I’m absolutely loving this season of Riverdale, but what I’m not loving is this episode of “Ideas Of March”. There has been a lot of twists, turns, and plots so far, but now the train is slowing down to the moment we’ve all waited for. The truth about what really happened to Jughead. I didn’t expect this much drama to build from a preppy rich kid high school considering all of the horrific events that occurred in the previous seasons. We went from Jason’s death to the blackhood massacre. We went from the mysterious ways of the farm to losing the beloved Fred Andrews. Now…….Jughead, a serpent with intelligence and a future wasted because he was surrounded by people who secretly enveied him.

     Veronica’s Fun

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Veronica still had problems handling her daddy issues and her sister made it worse by coming to ambush their maple rum business. When it seemed like the trio was going to end the night in a threesome, Veronica stormed in revealing her sister as a fraud. To make Veronica angrier, she decided to let her know that Hiram told her about his medical condition, but hid it from Veronica. Although Veronica and Hiram have their problems, they’ve always been close. It’s depressing to see her sister that she never knew about the fly in and play daddy’s little princess after everything he has put Veronica through. Even when Veronica tried to stick her neck out for him, he still treated her as if she wasn’t his daughter. This dragged her into partying more, drinking more, and being on Archie more, but that isn’t the real Veronica Lodge. She is smart and I guess her plan is to help Hiram by being competitive. In a way, he lives to crush people, so that makes Veronica an enabler. Scratch that, her whole family is enablers.

 Archie’s Dreams

Archie has helped build futures for his friends but unfortunately, put himself last. Because of this he won’t graduate with his friends and more than likely not be able to attend college like Ronnie. Archie said that Riverdale needs him, but that didn’t necessarily mean he had to sacrifice his future to stay in a town full of psychos. I really loved Archie’s attitude during this episode. He didn’t have a “poor me” mentality, he decided to keep working until it’s his time. He also didn’t make excuses for not being active in his schooling life. Archie took accountability and admitted that he is not good at balancing businesses and school work like Veronica. He even considered selling Andrew’s construction but decided to keep it because it’s a piece of his father’s legacy.

I was relieved to see him quickly come up with solutions so that he wouldn’t have to abandon the rest of the school year. As sad as it is to see, Archie staying in Riverdale for another year could possibly lead to another season with new plots. Veronica will be leaving for college which makes room for a new potential love interest for both of them. In one of the old spoofs, I noticed that Archie and Betty were both touching hands in a way that doesn’t look so friendly. I’m pretty sure none of us forgot about the initial love story between Archie and Betty that never happened. Betty admitted that she always liked Archie, but he didn’t feel the same way. With Veronica and Jughead being out of the picture, the romance could be there. I doubt that Archie would initiate it, but anything can happen in Riverdale.

No more Baxter Brothers

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Jughead’s time at Stonewall Prep came to an end in the episode because Mr.Depaul kicked him out of the Quil and Skull society, terminated his Baxter brothers contract for plagiarism, and he failed to prove that he was innocent. I wondered why his classmates waited until this moment to set him up to get him expelled when they had plenty of time to do so, but they didn’t stop them. Bret made sure he had leverage over Jughead so that he wouldn’t try to fight back against the case with the brotherhood. He was forced to take the walk of shame because he didn’t want Bret to expose his and Betty’s sex life. Bret is pretty disgusting about this. Even if he did record them having relations, I would’ve turned him into the law because that is illegal and the fact that he has other tapes of other people is nasty. This also makes me believe that he plays a part in the mysterious video surveillance of the Riverdale Resident’s Houses.

Everything Jughead worked hard for quickly fell apart, but he is known to never back down. Jughead accepted the Ideas of March Party invitation, but he showed up prepared. He dusted off his Serpent jacket and put on a rabbit mask. It’s unknown what he went into the woods to talk to Bret about, but it didn’t look like he wanted to do much talking. Bret wasn’t scared or intimidated because he had a plan. While he talked to Jughead, Donna talked to Betty. She actually talked to Evelyn and revealed that she knows the word that triggers Betty to hurt the people that she loves. Whatever word it was, Betty ended up standing over judges with a rock and blood on her hands while Jughead lied on the ground without a pulse. It was horrifying to see and it’s the exact same thing she did to her cat caramel when she was a child. It was weird to see his classmates stand together with smug looks on their face

Rating: 5/5

This episode was very interesting, but my favorite scene was the ending. I could see how the spoofs lead up to that moment, but I wasn’t expecting Betty to actually be the killer. I believed that Bret would at least try to frame her, but the proof was very well in the pudding. I believe that the Stonewall Prep students planned this from the beginning and that they didn’t want to hurt Jughead, they really just wanted to ruin Betty. When Dona said that she visited Evelyn to find out that magic word, it made me conspire that the stonewall prep students were members of the farm and are now getting revenge on Betty by trying to get her taken down for murder. It has to deeper than a writing contract. I also suspect that Charles somehow ties into this since he has a relationship with Chik who is also someone that Betty took down at one point.

Betty thought that she overcame the trauma and mental traits of the serial killer that she inherited from her father, but she was wrong. There is still a lot of unpacking to be done after this event. I’m sad that Jughead’s character has been killed off because he was the reason why I wanted to watch the show in the first place. I was a long time fan of the Sprouse twins since their childhood acting careers and wanted to see how well they would do in the entertainment industry since it has changed so much. I feel like Cole Sprouse was made to be Jughead Jones. This show will probably never be the same. When Jason died it was a change for the characters in the show more than the audience because we never got to know Jason on screen besides his rotting corpse. Jughead is someone that we got to know personally and his character growth was one of the most exciting things to watch. I hope that there is a reasonable explanation for this in the season.

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