Picking up immediately after the previous episode, Oliver grabs a gun and starts to scout around the bunker after the EMP went off as the bunker is dark. He makes his sweep and doesn’t see anything, he thinks it was an EMP but Felicity can confirm as her spinal technology that helps her walk doesn’t work anymore and she can’t feel her legs. Trapped inside with no way to communicate with the outside world and with Felicity at a disadvantage they are in trouble. Oliver hasn’t made it to city hall for some meetings so Curtis sets out to go look for him. He thinks he might be at the bunker but he can’t get inside and he hears an explosion, which happens to be Oliver shooting exploding arrows at the door to try to break free. Oliver and Felicity brain storm on what is going on and Oliver is fairly certain it is Adrian Chases doing and Adrian is going after his son William. Felicity doesn’t think so since he is in another town with a different name. Felicity remembers that Cisco had some blue prints so Oliver looks through them and wants to try to get through the elevator shaft to try to escape. When Oliver tries to get in an electric current goes off shocking him and knowing him down the elevator shaft falling on an exposed screw.

Diggle and his wife Lyla are having a serious argument. Diggle has been sleeping on the couch over it. The rest of the team goes to the apartment looking for John’s help. Telling him that they are trapped inside with no power. Lyla tells them that Argus is willing to help with whatever they need if it’s OK with John. The entire argument stems from not seeing eye to eye on the ethics of each others job. In a flashback we see that Oliver and Felicity spent some time together with help of Curtis and some Chinese food. They ate, and drank, and had a good time, they hooked up but Felicity said it doesn’t change things as Oliver doesn’t trust her and even though she loves him it won’t work.

Arguing is a common theme as Oliver and Felicity argue ethics between what Oliver did with Bratva and what Felicity did with the hacker. Since Oliver, you know never listens to Felicity, and tried to escape through the elevator shaft, its her turn to formulate an escape plan. She tries to get the power running again by using a small motorcycle with the energy charge sent to the door. It worked briefly but the plan backfired and a methane gas pipe was damaged creating a leak. Curtis and Rene try to get inside, Rene tries to use the blow torch through the elevator shaft but an explosion back fires and shoots upwards, Curtis is able to pull Rene out of the way at the last second but gets second degree burns for his effort. Back at the temporary base, the group are talking about the failed break in attempt. Rene and Curtis talk about the hatch being titanium and the torch wouldn’t work, Lyla heard this and on an undercover assignment she experienced this and knows that if you use hydrocloric acid it will turn the hatch into Swiss cheese.

Back underground, Felicity and Oliver are working on the next breakout attempt. Felicity’s latest calculation for Oliver is to shoot a bomb arrow at a perfect 45 degree angle to blast the door open or the methane will cause an explosion. Oliver is able to hit the target just perfectly, which leads to a roughly 2 story drop. Oliver goes to get the climbing gear. While this is happening, back at the makeshift base for the rest of team Arrow, Lyla returns and says she has something they could use. It is one of Curtis’s T-Spheres. She says it was improved, Diggle is upset because he knows she stole one. John wonders what other surprises his wife has in store for him. Lyla gives John a document, it shows all the things she has signed off on as director. She says she doesn’t want any secrets between them, she says that John always has had Oliver’s back know matter what he has done and why can’t he do the same for her. She doesn’t agree with a lot of his choices but she trusts John and wishes he would give her the same. Curtis was able to figure out how to get to Oliver and Felicity with the T-Sphere.

Oliver is able to climb down the two stories with Felicity on his back. He starts walking with her on his back and he is losing blood and passing out. Oliver starts to hallucinate and talking crazy, Oliver says he has to tell Felicity the truth that Adrian made him realize about himself, that he loves killing and he has always trusted Felicity. The T-Sphere breaks through the walls like the Kool-Aid man and they are able to talk to them. The bunkers generator has a doomsday fail safe. It it goes back on, it will spark the methane gas and they are stationed directly under a four story bomb unless they can figure out how to get the air vents back on. They will have a 12 minute window before the generator turns back on. Oliver was out, so the T-Sphere went back to Felicity with a 20 cc shot of adrenaline to pump into Oliver to get him to continue.

Diggle, Lyla and Rene go searching for Oliver and Felicity, they come across a large hole and Diggle says he will do it, he jumps across to the ladder and heads down. Oliver comes through their pathway but will still be to far to reach Diggle. Oliver, with Felicity on his back have to jump across to get to Diggle. Oliver makes it but Felicity is slipping and tells Oliver to let her go, and in turn fall into the rotating vent. Oliver refuses and John has Rene pull them back up just in time. It was pretty intense for a spell here for sure.

We end, with Adrian chase with William after school. The kid says that is not his name, but Adrian knows that it is…