Last weekend fans of all stripes descended on Toronto Canada to celebrate all things nerdy and TGON was there to cover it all. The convention was celebrating its 25th anniversary and the fans and stars came out in full force. Here’s what went down

Cast of Saved by the Bell

Mario Lopez, Elizabeth Berkley and Mark Paul Gosselaar kicked off the party by taking a trip down memory lane. Hair was a big subject and the crowd wanted to know. Lopez revealed that it was usually his mom or her friend Elsa that would make sure his hair looked right. Then on set there would be crew on call if it needed touching up. When talking about life after the show Lopez joked that he’s played himself a lot (on 12 different occasions to be exact). Gosselaar, in turn, didn’t think he’d land his other famous role in NYPD Blue. He was genuinely surprised that he got it. Berkley lamented that for a while Showgirls left her somewhat typecast but has since moved on to be fairly consistent with TV work which she enjoys.


PHOTO SOURCE: Michael Vargas, The Game of Nerds

When asked about potential a potential Saved reboot the cast joked that they obviously couldn’t be in high school anymore. Any new Saved project would have to be innovative in a way that acknowledges their age. Regarding their favorite moments they all unanimously said the Vegas episodes because they actually stopped filming to watch the OJ police chase as it passed by the set.

Brendan Fraser

The Mummy star was in fine form for his Q&A as he joked around with mostly all of the fans. The main question everyone had on their minds was ‘will there be another Mummy movie’. Fraser coyly replied ‘for me?’ which got a laugh. He would absolutely do it but he said it has to be fun, which is the main ingredient that was lacking in the most recent one. Fraser’s least favorite role? He’s just happy to have a job. He also has no plans on stopping any time soon. He wants to keep going as long as he can.


PHOTO SOURCE: Michael Vargas, The Game of Nerds

He recounted a funny experience he had with Harrison Ford. As he told the story he did a spot on impression. It was about a time Ford called him to go on an impromptu flight in his plane. Fraser was ecstatic because he got to be Chewbacca for a day. His current show Doom Patrol got a bit of love with Fraser praising his role (Robotman) as a story of redemption and on what it means to be a good human.

Cast of The Boys

The stars of the breakout series Karl Urban, Jack Quaid and Anthony Starr showed up with loads of surprises and F bombs. How difficult is it to play Homelander? Starr joked that its actually not that hard and that perhaps he was made for the role. Who would win: Homelander or Judge Dredd? Both Starr and Urban scoffed at each other for thinking the other could win but Urban did acknowledge that the laser eyes would be a problem.

The Boys

PHOTO SOURCE: Michael Vargas, The Game of Nerds

Anything from the comics they’d like to see on the show? Starr was pretty content with his character as he has a ball playing him. Quaid would like to have a goatee but would also like to not be covered in blood a lot. Urban wants his characters bulldog and hinted that it might make an appearance in season 2. They all conceded though that the comics are way more violent and out there and that the show needs to be watchable. Although they all hinted that the new season will ramp up the craziness and violence.

Zachary Levi

The Shazam star needed no moderator as he laughed singed and got emotional with the fans during his Q&A. Levi commented that while Shazam didn’t make as much money as other DC films, for an origin story of an obscure character with a low budget it did quite well. When asked about a live action Tangled Levi said he’s up for the idea but also not. He said this because Rapunzel is 18 and he’s well, much older now. This led to a nice exchange with a fan who sang one of the songs from the movie with him.


PHOTO SOURCE: Michael Vargas, The Game of Nerds

Was there any influence of Chuck on Shazam? Levi jokingly said not really mostly because he wasn’t really acting on Chuck. That set was so laid back that he and another co star would be playing Gears of War between takes. On a more serious note Levi spoke about his struggles with mental health and how he’s overcome them and gave a heartfelt message to everyone to never think that you’re not loved.

Jeff Goldblum

Short and sweet, the Ragnarok star nevertheless brought down the house during his time at Fan Expo. Only 2 questions in and he got everyone to stand and sing the Canadian national anthem. He mostly promoted his new show The World According to Jeff Goldblum which will air on Disney+ takes a look at different things that we love every week, whether it be ice cream, sneakers or tattooing.


PHOTO SOURCE: Michael Vargas, The Game of Nerds

Speaking of which, one fan in the crowd had a Goldblum tattoo on her leg which she showed; Jeff rated it 10 Goldblums out of 10. He ended his segment by playing the movie game where someone would yell a movie and he would have to say an actor in it followed by a movie they were in and so on. Each one though naturally somehow led back to Goldblum.

John Travolta

Last but not least the legendary John Travolta made an appearance on the last day. A rare appearance to be sure as Travolta has only ever done 3 conventions in his life. The star was humble and appreciative of the fans who came out in droves to see him. He recounted an incident where a fan broke into his home once but not to steal anything, he just wanted to see Travolta. The star laughed about it and although the incident was odd it was slightly endearing.


PHOTO SOURCE: Michael Vargas, The Game of Nerds

Travolta mostly promoted his new film The Fanatic which is a thriller about an obsessive fan who goes to great lengths to meet his movie idol. John liked the film because it got to explore the various aspects of fandom. When asked what’s currently got his interest personally he said dancing. He’d love to do more of it on screen but has recently been in a Pitbull music video where he has to dance which he thoroughly enjoyed. One fan told him that she has a Grease dancing game for the Wii which impressed Travolta. This led him to cap off his Q&A with an emotional bit about all the love he’s gotten from the fans over the weekend and gave everyone a huge thank you for coming out.

So that’s it for Fan Expo Canada 2019. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Make sure to keep an eye out for our Cosplay article coming soon!