There are a huge number of League of Legends (LoL) characters to play as, but which one is best? While there is no definitive answer, you can take a look to see which characters are most popular – and then try them out for yourselves. 

LoL tracking site, League of Graphs, tracks the millions of matches played each day and compiles their stats. You can see data such as the champions’ winrates, banrates, and popularity percentage. While these exact statistics fluctuate from day to day (and even from hour to hour), trends may remain constant for weeks. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 5 most popular LoL characters! 

  1. Ezreal

Ezreal is a moderate-difficulty marksman who is quite a dashing character – think along the same lines as Indiana Jones (in spirit, if not in fighting style). Ezreal raids deserted catacombs, breaks curses, and is incredibly courageous. His improvisation knows no bounds. This is quite fortunate, as he always seems to find himself in scrapes that require quick thinking to escape. 

Ezreal has a popularity rate of 35.4%, a winrate of 49.7%, and a banrate of 33%. The character was released in March of 2010, and its popularity has remained relatively high over the past decade – with the exception of a plunge down to about 8% in mid-2017. However, Ezreal’s popularity quickly recovered within a few months. Currently, 98.2% of players use Ezreal as an AD Carry – this type of champion deals with the main attack damage. 

  1. Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa is another moderate-difficulty marksman, but her skills lie in being a deadly hunter, rather than an explorer. When Kai’Sa was but a child, she was marked by the Void – but her sheer strength enabled her to survive. She draws upon the Void for strength, but at what cost?

There is quite a large gap in popularity between Ezreal and Kai’Sa. While the former is currently sitting at 35%, the latter is hovering around 20%. There’s no doubt that Kai’Sa has seen better days, as her popularity reached nearly 40% in mid- to late-2018. At the moment, 99% of players use Kai’Sa as an AD Carry, and she has a 48.2% winrate in that role. 

  1. Thresh

Thresh is a moderate-difficulty support character who inflicts utter pain and suffering upon his foes. Manipulative and sadistic, Thresh thrives on sowing agony and imprisoning his victims’ souls inside of his unholy lantern. He sustains himself off of the torment of others. Sound scary? We agree. 

Thresh and Kai’Sa are basically neck-and-neck when it comes to player popularity. At the moment, Kai’Sa only has a .2% lead over Thresh! Thresh is the most popular Support character and has a 49% win rate in that role. His popularity has declined since his release in 2013; when he was a new character, his popularity reached rates as high as nearly 60%. 

  1. Lee Sin

While Lee Sin has been blind for many years, this monk packs quite a punch. He draws upon the ancient knowledge of martial arts to bring down his foes. Dedicated to protecting his homeland, Lee Sin will do whatever it takes to restore its sanctity and balance. 

Lee Sin was released in 2010 and has maintained somewhat constant popularity over the last decade. While there have been a few spikes where his playtime reached close to 50%, it typically hovers around the 20% – 25% mark. 99% of players use Lee Sin as a Jungler, which is a role responsible for killing the Jungle’s neutral monsters. In this role, Lee Sin has a 48% win rate. 

  1. Lulu

The final character on our list is Lulu, a moderate-level support character. She has quite a whimsical design, and she is famous for creating illusions that are straight out of a dream. She shapes reality however she sees fit and warps the very nature of the world. Stick with her and her pixie companion, and life will never seem mundane! 

Sitting at a popularity rate of 18%, Lulu is typically used as a supporting character with a 52% winrate. She was released back in March of 2012, and she has experienced fluctuations in popularity since then. In 2017, she experienced a peak reaching over 25%, and she dropped all the way down to 6 percent just a few months ago. However, Lulu is currently enjoying an upwards trend in popularity. 


While these 5 LoL characters were at the top of the popularity list today, trends are constantly fluctuating. A character who was the most popular today might be in 2nd place tomorrow. However, the 5 that we have listed are typically at the top of the rankings. Other popular characters that sometimes make their way up into the top 5 include Ekko, Volibear, Sett, and Ashe. 

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Now that you know which LoL characters are the most popular, which ones will you try out?