We open to Katy getting dressed and ready for her first day as an apprentice for Guy. She even gets a champagne send-off. Amanda is only too happy to see Katy go but Katy bursts her bubble.

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When Katy gets to Guy’s floor she tries being friendly and no one is friendly back. Guy hates her clothes. He sends Katy home to change. Katy finds something she can wear to work with Guy. Pepper tells her to become indispensable to Guy so she doesn’t lose her apprenticeship. Pepper also is agitated by someone on social media. Katy tries to fix what Guy was complaining about the day before. She brings in flowers that Guy likes, fixes tea, changes the light bulbs, and sorts the colors of fabric. When Guy comes in he is pissed about what Katy does. Katy tries to make up for her screw-ups the next day. Guy allows her to stitch on la piece of lace to a garment. Katy tries and tries to get it right. Guy takes the garment back and does it himself. Katy ends up in Gloria’s office crying and Gloria actually shows sympathy and kindness. When Katy goes back upstairs she overhears that Guy needs the fifth look. Katy decides to sew one of his discarded designs.

Katy completes the dress and Guy is of course unhappy with her but shows the dress to Gloria with the others in his collection. Gloria didn’t care for the dress and Katy was embarrassed. Katy figured that Guy was going to fire her and packed her things. When Guy comes upstairs he needs to come up with a new design and Katy becomes the model. Guy tells her that the people who make it in the fashion industry are the people who keep going at it. He isn’t firing her.

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Josie is making a film about putting the band Josie and the Pussycats. Josie is somewhat reluctant to do so because she doesn’t want to be the person she was in High School. However, Mr. Cabot told her to do so and she is complying. Mr. Cabot decides to use two of his already established models who can neither sing nor play an instrument. Josie is unhappy but Alexander is siding with his dad. As the discussion is taking place they are being filmed for the film about the making of the band. Josie decides to hold auditions anyway. Alexander decides to support Josie. The auditions are horrible. Ginger does show up though, to audition. Ginger just wanted screen time in the film though. One of the auditions, Cricket, that didn’t go so well was in the bathroom singing. Josie goes and speaks with her.

Josie tells Alexander about Cricket. Alexander saw Cricket’s audition also so he got to see her run off stage. Josie stands up for her and pushed to have Cricket in the band. She is also talking to the drummer that auditioned. Raj, who is doing the filming, interviews Pepper as a way to spend time with her. Unfortunately, Pepper is caught up in the social media squabble with a Hannah person that is saying stuff about Pepper to undermine her. Josie is making real progress with the gals she picked from the auditions. Mr. Cabot is very unhappy and cuts Josie off from his help. He then threatens to cut Alexander off when he stands up to his father. Alexander accepts this ultimatum and stands by Josie.

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Jorge is so in love with Bernardo but is trying to be friends with his ex, Buzz. Buzz asks what being a drag queen is like. Jorge dresses Buzz up in drag. Jorge is now thinking a lot about Buzz. Pepper tells him about different set up in relationships with extra people.

What comes from Pepper’s problem with Hannah? Does Jorge figure it out with Bernardo and Buzz? How are the Pussycats doing? Most importantly, how is Katy in her apprenticeship. Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments below. Til next week…

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