David and Stevie are having a hard time saying goodbye. Photosource: CBC


The second last episode of Schitt’s Creek can be described in one word: tears.

Tears from the Rose family, tears from their groupies, tears from anyone watching.

Now that the series is ending it looks like the Rose family is gearing up to leave their little town for good and we expected the inevitable goodbye to be as sentimental and heartfelt as the countless other scenes throughout the series have been, but even with that warning in mind, it will not be enough to protect you emotionally.

We last left our blooming Roses at the apex of happiness as Johnny secured investment for their Rosebud motel franchise that secured them all a definite ticket out of Schitt’s Creek and back to New York City. This episode we get to learn that while Johnny and Moira will be enjoying the big city, Stevie and Roland will stay behind in Schitt’s Creek to manage the day to day duties of setting up all these motel franchises. They’re already such a good team.

Alas, there’s just one hiccup, Moira can’t go to New York. It turns out the producers of the Sunrise Bay reboot chose her over Cliffton and have given in to all her demands, and want her to start shooting the new show right away. Johnny’s response to this interruption of his plan? Nothing but support. He literally changes his entire business plan and moves the company headquarters to California just to support his wife’s career. No hesitation, no arguments, Moira gets a professional opportunity and he does whatever he can to make sure it will work for her. Now that is marriage!

Let’s just take a minute to be thankful to Schitt’s Creek for demonstrating such a happy and supportive marriage. Through all six seasons they never once tried to add drama but making it seem like Johnny and Moira were unhappy in their marriage or were going to break up. They were just two very different people who always loved and cared for each other through everything and with all the depressing, not to mention lazy, plotlines about romance on television their relationship has to be one of the only ones that really make us believe in love.

Alright, gratitude is given. Back to the story.

Let’s turn to Alexis for a moment. Now that she’s heading back to New York she wants to downsize her possessions and so gives bags full of her old designer dresses to Twyla. A nice gesture, but as it turns out an ultimately useless one. It is at this point Twyla admits to Alexis that she won the lottery years ago and actually has tens of millions of dollars, she only works in the cafe because she loves it so much.

Well, this was a curveball.

One out of nowhere and that really makes this episode feel off. Alexis is shocked by Twyla’s frugal ways but is inspired to continue to do work that she loves, and when Twyla even offers her some money to get a nice apartment in New York, the kind of money she’s been dreaming about since she came to Schitt’s Creek, she promptly turns it down insisting that she has to do this all on her own. She just hopes Twyla will use some of that money to visit her sometime.

I think the best thing that can be said about this plotline was that it was sweet. Since coming to Schitt’s Creek, Twyla has been Alexis’s main friend and they got to show that their friendship really did mean a lot to both of them and that it will continue past the end of the show. However, since Twyla is really a side character at best, it just came off as so random. Yes, Alexis and Twyla are friendly, but it’s always been a surface level friendship, they hang out, give each other advice, listen to their problems, etc, but there hasn’t been much work put into developing this relationship into something more substantial in the past seasons. This act was more suited to a long-term well-established best friend couple like Stevie and David, who are practically inseparable, rather than these two and their cordial friendship. The pay-off just wasn’t there, even if it was sweet.

Lastly, we can’t forget our groom-to-be, David. The rosiest of all the Roses. (This show is almost over and I will use every pun on their name that I can think of and have no regrets.)

While trying to convince Patrick to move to New York, Stevie lets it slip that Patrick has already picked out a house for them in Schitt’s Creek, and when Stevie takes him to see the house he recognizes it instantly. It’s a charming house that they drive by sometimes that David said looks like Kate Winslet’s cottage in The Holiday. He mentioned he liked it and Patrick then approached the owners, who were not actually selling the house, to tell them he was ready to buy it whenever they did want to sell, and now they are.

Yes, Patrick bought David a house in Schitt’s Creek, because he mentioned he liked it.

This show exists to just really raise the bar on our romantic expectations, and we’re not even done yet.

When David sees this over-the-top manifestation of Patrick’s love for him he’s practically in tears, at which point Stevie has to ask why he even wants to move to New York, and he admits it’s to show the people who dropped him after they lost all their money that he is not a joke. But his business is here, Patrick wants to stay here, and Stevie doesn’t want to lose her best friend, all of which makes David realize he’s not done with Schitt’s Creek yet. So he puts his own offer on the house and buys it for Patrick, who is thrilled to be staying in the town they fell in love in.

Seriously this is a spectacular ending for this series. When we started the show David was extremely fragile. He didn’t connect with his family, his friends all left him, and he felt so lonely he literally ran away at one point. Now this town his father bought for him as a joke has literally become “the saving grace” for David that it was suggested to be from the pilot. He’s got a thriving business, an involved and caring family, a supportive best friend, and the love of his life and now he wants to stay in this town that gave him so much. It’s the ending he deserves, to be happy and fulfilled and loved.

It’s never easy to see an amazing show come to a close, but at least with Schitt’s Creek, we know it’s going to get the ending it deserves. Yet, with the wedding episode as the series finale, there’s still a little more Schitt’s Creek to look forward to.