One of 2017’s standout foreign language crime dramas returns to Acorn TV this month with Series 2 of the Scandinavian procedural Rebecka Martinsson, based on Åsa Larsson’s bestselling crime novels. The eponymous high-powered, take-no-prisoners Stockholm attorney is back in her remote hometown of Kiruna in northern Sweden to take on new cases as a public prosecutor that proves to be both emotionally and professionally challenging for Rebecka, her colleagues, and the small-town community. Meanwhile, she still has not found peace with herself as anxieties about fitting in and questions about her troubled childhood continue to plague her—what led to her parents’ untimely deaths when she was young? Now starring a new actress in the lead role – Sascha Zacharias, Rebecka Martinsson, Series 2 premieres exclusively in the U.S. and Canada on Acorn TV on Monday, July 27 as a full season binge. Called a glorious streaming service… an essential must-have” (The Hollywood Reporter), AMC Networks’ Acorn TV is North America’s leading streamer focused on British and international television.

In the first season of this riveting Swedish crime thriller, Rebecka reluctantly returned to Kiruna after the murder of a childhood friend, became drawn into the hunt for the killer, and then stayed on temporarily to work as a public prosecutor.  As Series 2 kicks off, Rebecka is back at her old home to attend the funeral of a priest and decides to stay put to return to her prosecutor’s job. Rebecka’s time and energy are mainly spent on work – a fact her supervisors don’t frown upon. As a prosecutor, she is very effective and a force to be reckoned with- the four new cases this season, covered in two episodes each, include a violent unraveling of an old family feud after a dead reindeer was dragged onto to a rival’s farm, a discovery of a woman’s body during a hotel demolition – 16 years after she was reported missing, a young man’s death from a drug overdose, and a woman and infant found dead in a car after a snowstorm.

There’s more than just complex criminal cases for Rebecka Martinsson. She becomes good friends with her colleagues at the police station, especially detective Anna Maria Mella, but things are awkward for her and police dog handler Krister (Jakob Öhrman, Flocker), with whom she had an intense relationship in Series 1, but now he’s romantically involved with someone else. She has a comforting, safe friendship with her aging neighbor Sivving, but realizes he needs her more than ever and worries about whether the time is running out for him. Rebecka’s old firm in Stockholm wants her to return to the fold, though her old boyfriend employed there, Måns Wenngren is up to no good. Finally, Rebecka carries huge guilt about her parents’ tragic, premature deaths– things are not made easier when her past life starts to resurface, and she starts doubting herself. Rebecka must take on her toughest case to date: herself.