Crazy Ex-Girlfriend FYC

CBS Television Studios / Instagram

CBS TV held a special FYC Event last week, spotlighting the wonderfully magical Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Rachel Bloom and her co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna were present, along with TGON fave Donna Lynne Champlin (Paula), David Hull (WiJo), Pete Gardner (Darryl), Vincent Rodriguez III (Josh), Gabrielle Ruiz (Valencia), Scott Michael Foster (Nathaniel), Emmy-winning choreographer Kathryn Burns and songwriter Jack Dolgen.

Everyone came out roll-call style during a reworked version of I Have Friends and Aline made legions of fans happy by announcing that David Hull & Scott M. Foster had been upgraded to series regulars. The creators would not comment on the future of the show too much, but mentioned that if there were to be a season 4, Michael Foster would continue to be a series regular. (aaaaaaaaah tell me more Aline I beg of you!)

ALSO can we take a moment to appreciate the perfection that is David Hull?! Look at him flawlessly filling in for Vella Lovell and singing (& embodying) the role of Heather during Friendtopia!

There were so many fun tidbits that came out of the night and that you can read about here but the cutest might be when Brosh McKenna talked about sharing the stories with the actors and watching them react.

“The best person to tell the stories to is Vinnie,” Brosh McKenna said, as Rodriguez reacted knowingly. “He is so excited about every story twist. It’s like we’re describing the show to a fan.”

If reading about all of this is giving you FOMO, I’m happy to announce that CBS uploaded the rest of the night’s musical performance onto their YouTube page but I refrained from embedding them all here – so head on over and spend a few glorious hours watching them on a loop.

We’ll see you back here for other Crazy Ex-Girlfriend news and to help you countdown to the new season, coming this fall to The CW.