Photo courtesy of Channel 5.

The big ‘Week of Evil’ on Neighbours ended with a slight damp squib, as Finn disappeared into thin air, and Elly, Bea and Susan were saved just in the nick of time by Karl and Mark. I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Finn though.

Last week (16/7 – 20/7), tension was still high between Bea and Elly, with Bea convinced that Elly was the reason their mother threw Bea out on to the streets. Susan went full-Susan and interferred in the situation, putting a call in to Pippa from Home and Away, who showed up to try and sort the sisters out.

Joking aside, Debra Lawrence, who used to play Pippa over in Summer Bay, came barrelling into Ramsay Street as Susan’s sister Liz, who is Bea and Elly’s mum. She’s an actual nightmare on wheels, and nobody in the Kennedy household seemed particularly keen on her being there. There was so many withering looks and eye rolls behind her back that I’m surprised they don’t all have cheek cramp and eye strain. At the moment, she just seems to be there to make Bea even more miserable in the wake of the Finn debacle, as she admits that it was her who wanted Bea to leave all along, not Elly.

Neighbours Liz and Susan

Liz and Susan. Photo: Channel 5/Digital Spy

Over at number 30, Toadie and Sonya’s generic smart home hub Lyra is causing problems. She seems incapable of distinguishing between the word “liar” and her own name, leading to her recording numerous conversations where people awkwardly use the word ‘liar’ in order to facilitate this particular plot point. I’m pretty impressed with Lyra’s voice-recognition skills, because Siri doesn’t understand a single word I’m saying. Lyra reveals things that both Shane and Toadie weren’t prepared for. Shane hears that Dipi doesn’t think he’s cut out to play Bobby Sparkle Trousers, or whatever the name of the character in her awful musical is, and Toadie hears the rather more substantial bombshell that Sonya knows where Andrea/Fake Dee is.

Toadie confronts Sonya and she admits she went to see Dee, who is in hospital with suspected post-natal psychosis. There were some very knowing smiles from Andrea as she was brushing her hair in the mirror though, which makes me think she’s pretending, and trying to lure Toadie over to see her.

Neighbours Dee Andrea

Andrea/Fake Dee. Photo: Channel 5/Digital Spy

There were also a few entertaining B-plotlines rumbling along in the background. Xanthe is overdoing her study, Amy seems unnervingly interested in what Gary’s up to, and Chloe is attempting to turn Aaron and David into some sort of Instagram power couple. Terese wore a dress with caped sleeves and looked like a badass, Mishti went on a date, where she revealed herself to be utterly, utterly insane and probably destined to stay single forever, and Ned and Leo’s friendship continues to be the surprise Neighbours pairing that I am completely into. Forget Leo’s matchmaking between Paul and Terese, I just want more of Ned and Leo – I’m so here for it. Can we have a buddy cop-type spin off series with those two, please?

My final thoughts on last week: Please can we never hear Cassius doing a terrible New York accent again? I am already cringing about the possibility we’re going to have to witness the audition process for Dipi’s musical, and it’s making me want to set fire to my TV in a pre-emptive strike…