We open to Ginger Lopez singing to herself. It also pics up where the last episode left off. Patricia, Prince Errol’s fiancee asked Katy to design her wedding dress. Katy says no I think out of guilt. Ginger is really working to make her new time spot a hit.

Wow! Everything seems to be falling into place for Ginger. I wonder what snag is going to happen. Katy on the other hand is having to explain why she turned down designing the dress for Patricia. Francois is helping Ginger with her show and Pepper is helping with the advertising. She is even putting on a show at the Pepper Plant to help find financial backers for Ginger’s show. Ginger is doing a one queen show of “The Kiss Of The Spider Woman”. Alexander and Alexandria Cabot are both in attendance. Amanda from Katy’s work is even in attendance. Unfortunately most of the audience walks out.

Errol comes begging Katy for forgiveness and says he will call off the wedding if she says she wants to be with him. Jorge is pissed that Alexander wants Josie to play the Spider Woman and Alexandria wants to play the Spider Woman. Pepper agrees to both and convinces Josie to play Spider Woman. Josie doesn’t want to step on Jorge’s toes.

Jorge invites his parents to his production. He father eagerly accepts. His mother however, is not sure. She doesn’t think his father is ready to see him preform as Ginger. Katy designs the dress for Patricia. She purposely doesn’t design a dress that Patricia wants hoping Patrica decides to go with someone else. It doesn’t work. Both Jorge and Katy are really struggling right now. Jorge wants to be the spider woman as Ginger. Katy does not want to design this dress. Francois is truly a fairy godmother. He has wisdom for everyone and a huge heart.

Does Katy design the dress of Patricia’s dreams? Does Jorge play the Spider Woman as Ginger? Or does Josie steal the roll? Why does every series have at least one musical episode? This one wasn’t bad just seen before so I wasn’t over the moon about it. Let me know your thoughts about any or all of that in the comments below. Til next week…