Season 3 is finally here, and the hype train can’t go any faster! Splashing its way through, the theme of this season is heavily inspired by something that covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface. That’s right—it’s the ocean! With a water-theme going on, you’d better get your swimming trunks ready and take some swimming lessons because things are about to get flooded! The much-delayed season has been eagerly anticipated by many, and what better way to start it off thank by surrounding the game’s island with a wall of water! There’s a lot of stuff to cover here, from new skins and exclusive goodies via the battle pass and Fortnite item shop to new abilities and underwater sea creatures ready to take a chomp out of you. If you’re interested in knowing what’s new and what to expect for this new season, get ready!

New Skins for the New Season

Who doesn’t love getting a new skin fresh off the Fortnite item shop? Fortnite’s ‘Splash Down’ theme is—you guessed it—all about summer. Last season, we met a bunch of spies that you could unlock with the battle pass. These skins include Pelly the Banana and the beloved Meowscles, the buff cat henchmen. But since we’re starting anew, Epic Games has made an effort to pull some new Fortnite skins out of the water. Remember the Deadpool skin last season? Well, we’ll be treated to yet another Marvel character as Aquaman is set to emerge from the depths of the ocean. This skin is perfect for fans of the Aquaman movie or at least, the actor of the character, Jason Momoa.

As always, the Battle Pass is filled with cosmetic goodies which you can unlock by playing the game. New skins, gliders, emotes, back blink, you name it. There’s even going to be a new umbrella skin for collectors out there. While umbrella skins are usually earned by bagging a victory whether it’s on solo, duo, or squad mode, this time Epic Games has taken a unique route. Upon completing the Battle Pass, you’ll get the chance to fully customize your umbrella to fit your personal taste. This results in having your own unique glider once Season 3 ends. The Battle Pass retails for 2,800 V-Bucks, or roughly $10. So, if you play a ton of Fortnite, getting the pass is a no-brainer!

Changes in the Terrain

The biggest change that’s happened for this season is the map. The western part of the map, in particular, is now mostly submerged in water. These areas include the Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp. Another change in the terrain that’s happened is the inclusion of sharks who are ready to make you into minced meat. These sharks are aggressive and attack anyone it sees. They can also beach themselves onto a dry plot of land, so even if you’re out of the water, you’re still not safe! Once killed, these sharks drop loot such as materials and ammo. You can also catch sharks through the use of the fishing rod.

There will also be new NPC enemies called the Marauders that can mess with your plans of getting a victory by scuffing you up. Marauders survey areas in groups, so it’s hard to kill them if you’re all alone. Whirlpools will also be present in the game and are able to launch you up into the air similar to the trampoline.

Wrap Up

These changes not only spice things up for the Fortnite community but could potentially haul in tons of players to try the game. The map changes are enough to keep players satisfied and the skins are sure to be a hit, especially the Aquaman skin that’s exclusive to the Battle Pass, meaning it won’t be purchasable in the Fortnite item shop. What do you think about Season 3 so far? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment!