I was nothing short of ecstatic when I heard that Fisher was coming back this season. Sure, he was only in a single episode, but the moody squintern had not made an appearance since The Recluse in the Recliner. There was nothing in season 10, due to Joel David Moore’s involvement with Forever. Fisher has always been another favorite intern of mine, perhaps because I see a bit of myself in him (be afraid). I was happy to have him back, as he brings something of a different vibe to the lab whenever his rotation comes up.


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Colin Fisher Season 11 Episode Appearances:

11×16: The Secret in the Service 

Brennan was visibly ill throughout this episode, and thus, was unable to perform her usual duties. Because this was a special case involving the President, the Secret Service brought in their own forensic anthropologist to aid in the examination. Cam and Angela inform Brennan of this news via video chat. She is a bit startled, since 1. She would know any “worthy” forensic anthropologist coming (and who could be more capable?) and 2. Because she’s the best. Even at her worst, she is still the best.

“I-I may be sick, but even infirmed, I don’t know who could be more capable…”

“Oh, I can think of one person.”

Guess who? Yes, it’s Colin Fisher, in the flesh. All three women are quite shocked. Angela exclaims that “It’s been years” since last they saw him. And it has- when you follow the Bones timeline. Cam and Angela initially seem happy to have him back. But they mistakenly refer to him as “Mr. Fisher.” And that is no longer an accurate title. He informs them as such.

“And it’s Dr. Fisher now, if you will. And I insist you do.”

Doctor Fisher is apparently now a consultant for the government, but he refuses to divulge any further details. He claims that it is classified information. Everyone is duly impressed, and Angela even considers it “very mysterious and kind of sexy.” They trio plus Brennan begin making observations about the remains. Fisher makes an accurate identification, and Brennan compliments his work in confirming the identity. But she informs them all that she is feeling much better, and that Fisher’s presence was no longer necessary. This would perhaps be more convincing if she did not have a coughing fit at that precise moment. She ends up expelling some particularly nauseating discharge, which Fisher notes is still of a contagious nature. “Not to worry; your lab is in very good hands. Mine.” I feel like some sinister music should be playing during this moment. But it’s only Fisher. It’s not as though it’s Oliver Wells. Though at this point in the episode, I did worry that Fisher would morph into the next arrogant Oliver Wells-type. My fears would be assuaged later in the episode, as a revelation about Fisher’s current occupation explained everything. But more on that in a moment. (side Note: I happen to like Oliver. But he does tend to irk me at times).

Hodgins is also surprised and extremely excited to see his old friend and colleague, Fisher. “No way, Fisher!” Again, I will reiterate that Hodgins has a rapport with each and every intern. I always hone in on it. And I always adore it. “I see Angela wasn’t joking about you being paralyzed.” At first this seemed a bit on the insensitive side. Though, Fisher was never one to filter his words. I did get a bit uncomfortable, wondering what Hodgins’ reaction would be. He hadn’t been out of that excrutiatingly dark place for too long at this point. Though, he also was not blind nor immune to his situation. He had reached a place of acceptance. “No, not-not a joke. Just a lot of pain, misery and self-loathing.” Fisher can certainly relate. At least to the mindset in question. That has been his M.O. since first we met him. He has always been on the depressed side. Hodgins remembers it well. I wonder Fisher kept in touch with anyone at all…It doesn’t seem like it. But I digress. The two men share a bit of case talk before the scene closes out.

Fisher is in the bone room pouring over the remains again. A video call from Brennan comes through, and without looking at the screen, Fisher asks her to postpone the conference. He is still examining the victim’s skull. However, he decides to look up at that precise moment, and sees something beyond peculiar. A bathrobe-clad Brennan is being tended to by a reiki healer- Angela’s idea, of course. But Brennan finds the whole ordeal absurd. Nevertheless, she allows the healer to continue on with his nonsense while she talks. Fisher observes that she actually is looking “rosier of cheek.” Brennan does feel better, but it cannot be the healer. She attributes her rebound to other such factors. Fisher shows Brennan the progress he has made on the remains. He is about to go converse with the others in the lab, but seems to find it difficult to look away from the what was going on in Brennan’s home. I have to share in his fascination. Seeing the ever-rational Dr. Temperance Brennan even allowing this sort of “hippie” technique performed on her is quite unusual. It’s certainly not something one sees every day. Though I would imagine there is also a side of her who would be fascinated by different cultural remedies for illness.

Later in the episode, Cam enters the bone room to check on Fisher’s progress. She makes the mistake of calling him “Mr. Fisher” once again. So before he shares anything with her, Doctor Fisher corrects her. Again. He begins speaking in very technical bone terms, and Cam reminds him that he’s not talking to Dr. Brennan. Though, I am certain she is still able to comprehend what he is saying. She probably just feels it to be excessive. Fisher informs Cam that the victim was likely confined to a small space after being killed. She asks him if he has any idea as to the type of space in which the victim was stored. But Fisher has no idea. He proceeds to thank his superior for pointing out the “inadequacies” of his work. Now there’s the Fisher we all know and love. He sighs audibly as Cam exits the room. Clearly, there is something deeper at play here. Fisher appears to be overcompensating for some perceived shortcoming. He is over-exuberant in ensuring that everyone acknowledges his pHD status, as well as his seemingly enviable (and mysterious) position in the government. But remnants of the “old” Fisher seem to be seeping through this facade. And there is more to his story for sure.

As Booth is out in the field working with the Secret Service, Brennan and Fisher are searching for anything pertinent on the remains that could help Booth ID the threat. Brennan determines the source of the bone injuries, and Fisher is once again down on himself. “Yeah, I-I feel the inadequacy rising up inside of me, which means that obviously you’ve seen this type of injury before.” I don’t understand why anyone ever feels inadequate when working with Brennan. Well I do. But no one should compare his or herself to this woman. She has been doing this job far longer than any intern. She has seen almost every type of injury. And she is one of the most brilliant people on the planet. Anyone who can even keep up with her is impressive by default. Brennan calls Booth to inform him that the killer is left-handed with military training. Not technically relevant, but I do recall dominant hand ID being vital in the last case Brennan worked with Fisher. Both of those cases also involved Booth’s safety.  Though this one definitely seemed just a tad less dire. And ultimately had a far better conclusion.

In Fisher’s final scene, he interrupts a touching exchange between Hodgins and Angela. Hodgins was explaining that his paralysis actually saved him from falling down a chute earlier in the episode. First, Fisher shares that he is envious of Hodgins for “staring death in the face.” Not entirely a surprise to me. And then he lets the pair know that “duty calls,” and that he must return to his “secret” post. Hodgins asks if he will finally share the institution for which he works. But it is unnecessary, as Angela beat him to it. She already had it figured out. Angela may not technically be a genius by Brennan’s standards, but she is quite brilliant and extremely resourceful for sure.

“You were recommended by the Secret Service, so you obviously have a connection to the White House.”

“You know what, I’d love to sit and talk about it, but I actually do have to go, so…”

“And you travel extensively with those young, nubile women, so I’m guessing that you’re probably a college tutor for the president’s daughter.” 

Fisher tries to play up his position, explaining that the First Daughter’s grades have improved immensely since he came on as her tutor. But Hodgins and Angela are having entirely too much fun to care. “I hate both of you, and-and I’m super depressed that you figured that out. I’m off my game these days.” Poor Fisher. Always the bridesmaid, as they say. Exasperated, he exits the lab. And Hodgins grabs Angela’s hand in a display of unity and utter sweetness. It’s a fun scene that ends in a lovely moment.

I am a bit sad that I only had one episode in which to recap this particular character. He is always a lot of fun, and makes for some amusing interactions among the characters. But one is better than none. And it’s more Fisher we got in season 10. Will he be in season 12? That still remains to be seen. If you are anything like me, you will be crossing your fingers for at least a brief appearance.

I still haven’t decided upon next week’s intern, but I still have a few to go before I can move on to the main characters. Tune in next week to find out…