Amid rumors that The Walking Dead might end after the twelfth season, we still have a lot to unpack going into the tenth seasons mid-season finale. Carol is up to more of her insanity, ready to torture and interrogate her prisoner. Daryl shoos Lydia out of the cell for the prisoner, Lydia does recognize the man. He is a trusted member of Alpha, and gets to take care of and watch the horde. Carol hears this as he knows where the horde is and is important. Lydia suggests, in a round about way instead of torture, that if they show him what this place is, and how it can operate and survive that the message will make it’s way through the Whisperer camp, and it’s nothing that Alpha would be able to stop, which I admit, makes a ton of sense.

Carol starts to take Lydia’s advice, she comes back with a covered tray, full of food. Bread, jam, honey, we also saw sliced tomatoes and eggs, she offered to make salted fish for lunch. The captive was tempted and wanted the honey and jam on his bread. He felt bad about eating and he spit it in Carol’s face. Carol took it to one hundred, punched him in the face a few times, he refused to budge, he says that Alpha loves him, she loves them all, she killed her own daughter for them, which obviously wasn’t true. Carol wants to use Lydia, Daryl says she has been through enough.

Gabriel sends Siddiq and Dante to check on the prisoners wounds, he recognizes Siddiq, which triggers him and he has to go outside. Shortly after, the prisoner dies, before Carol can get Lydia to talk to him, Siddiq gets upset at Dante seeing that he used the wrong medicine, however Dante says he didn’t think he could get them mixed up and doesn’t know why it would be in there since Siddiq packed the bag.

In other Alexandra news, Siddiq and a sick Rosita talk about them, being parents, Eugene, Gabriel and all sorts of everything. Cheryl dies fairly suddenly after the Whisperer did, and Dante is burying her before Siddiq can see. Siddiq is losing his shit, and tries to drown himself, Rosita jumps in and saves him. Rosita wants to know what has been bothering Siddiq the past few months. He opens up about what he say, what he remembers from the slaughter, how some things jump in and out and torture him every day.

Gamma and Aaron keep up the border talks. They dance around topics of family, bread, how much Aaron has every day, they also talk about lies. Gamma finds out that Aaron has a daughter by seeing her drawing. Gamma finally opens up and asks about the abandoned baby from Hilltop. She opens up that it is her nephew, and it’s the only family she has left, after previously saying she was an only child. Gamma gets hyped up by Alpha for the next meeting. Gamma plays tough and says she is going to burn Gracie’s drawing if he doesn’t get it and drops it on her side of the border. He reaches to grab it and she chokes him.


This picture has LAYERS ON LAYERS! Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

This is when Carol and Lydia arrive at the border, causing Gamma to let Aaron go, and go insane in the brain. She starts freaking out and storms off in disbelief, knowing she, and the entire community has been lied to by Alpha. Lydia is confused on what the big deal is, and Carol admits that Alpha has told everyone that Lydia is dead. Lydia got PISSED that Carol used her, and she apologized and says she needs to chose a side, and Lydia does, she smacks Carol with her staff, and heads back over the border to Whisperer territory. I can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to see the truth face to face.


Click click boom! Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Back in Alexandria, Siddiq is in his room trying to figure everything out, why is everyone getting sick, what happened on the massacre night, when Dante pays him a little visit. Siddiq doesn’t want him to bother him but he insists to talk. Dante apologizes for what happened, he says he didn’t want it to be like this. He does some little mouth clicks, and the clicks was the last part that Siddiq needed to piece things together. He remembers now that the reason he didn’t do anything was because he was being held back, and the person holding him back was Dante. Siddiq goes for a weapon, but is overpowered by Dante, and he stupidly gives up his back, a no no in fighting. Dante chokes Siddiq out as his story ends, in a shock.