No wizard, warlock, or any other magic-user is complete without a trusty staff. While there are also wands in OSRS, the former is much more formidable. The only advantage wands have is their ability to auto-cast some spells. Still, the overall impact of staves is undeniable. If you’re wondering which ones are the best to use for your magic character, look no further because here are the top three staves to use. One of them is on the cheaper side, another is expensive, and the last isn’t sold anywhere. You won’t be using too much of your precious OSRS gold.

Ancient Staff

Level Requirement: 50 Magic and Attack

Boasting high magic accuracy, the Ancient Staff is a great PvP weapon. It also has the ability to auto-cast spells from the Ancient Spellbook. Adding to its uniqueness is that one negative bonus to Prayer, however. It’s a solid magic weapon to use. While it doesn’t necessarily stand out stat-wise, it’ll definitely do the job you need it to.

Byrophyta’s Staff has similar stats, though without removing a point of prayer. You’ll lose out on the auto-casting ability of this staff, too if you use it. At any rate, the Ancient Staff is a good pick for any player wanting to use Ancient spells. Get it from Eblis in a one-time purchase for 80,000 coins. Some enemies, such as Vet’ion, Chaos Fanatic, Thermonuclear Smoke Devil, and Mummy may drop it too.

Iban’s Staff

Level Requirement: 50 Magic and Attack

Iban’s Staff has the unique ability to cast Iban Blast. It’s a spell that blasts the enemy with magic and has a base maximum damage of 25. That makes it a good weapon for low-level PvP. As for its stats, they’re almost at the same level as the Ancient Staff.

While it may have less of a magic attack bonus, it still has one of the highest DPS among all the magic weapons. As an added incentive, you can even upgrade it so you can auto-cast Iban’s Blast. Only Iban drops the staff at the end of the Underground Pass. If you lose it, you can get a broken version from his disciples and then have it fixed.

Toxic Staff of the Dead

Level Requirement: 75 Magic and Attack

This is the best staff you can get. Aside from impressive attack and defense bonuses, it also gives you a chance of envenoming your opponents when you cast spells! Usually, chances are 1 in 4 (25%), but wearing the Serpentine Helm ramps it up to a 100% chance. It only applies to NPC enemies, though. However, that combination makes this staff a good boss killer, provided they aren’t immune to venom.

It also has a chance to negate rune requirements (1 in 8 or about 12.5%). On top of that, it keeps the Staff of the Dead’s special attack. It halves the melee damage of those who attack you the moment it’s cast. All in all, the Toxic Staff of the Dead is the best staff to use for your magic characters.

It costs about 8.8 million OSRS gold in the Grand Exchange. You can also make one by using a Magic Fang on a regular Staff of the Dead. Buy the latter on the GE for about 4.6 million, or hunt K’ril Tsutsaroth for it.

And those are the best staves to use for your mage character. If we talk about magic weapons in general, tridents have better DPS, while wands have better utility. Well, it’s up to you to choose which weapon to wield.

Have fun casting your spells around Gielinor with these fantastic staves!