The rain and wind must mean that we’re hurtling headlong into British summertime, so what better time to stay indoors and watch Neighbours? I mean, I say that like I don’t sit indoors and watch Neighbours when it’s sunny, but let’s not split hairs.

Here’s a round-up of the episodes that aired in the UK last week (8380 – 8384).

David and Aaron’s Fostering Immediately Goes Pear-Shaped

It’s been an incredibly busy few days for David and Aaron. They’ve fought hard to be foster parents and, because this is Neighbours and everything happens at the speed of light, within hours of being approved they got a foster kid, misplaced him, then found him again. It all happened so quickly I’m amazed the poor kid didn’t have whiplash.

The laws of sound in Erinsborough are a mystery to me – sometimes people can’t hear a conversation that’s taking place a meter away from their ears, and other times, people can hear conversations from other rooms, as Emmett managed to do last week. Hopefully, David and Aaron have learned that next time they want to talk about how disappointed they are with their foster kid, it’s probably best for them to move to another house. Predictably Emmett wasn’t too impressed with what he overheard, and he ran away, eventually turning up at the lake where Hendrix, of all people, managed to persuade him to come home. I’m not going to lie, I’m here for a big brother/little brother relationship between Hendrix and Emmett if it’s on the cards. It would be really cute.

neighbours emmett david tanaka aaron brennan

Photo: © Channel 5 Source: Digital Spy

Mackenzie’s Dad Was Slightly Less of a Tool

Mackenzie’s dad has been a bit of a moron, what with his lack of support of his daughter and his prehistoric views on LBGT matters, but he redeemed himself ever so slightly last week after Mackenzie found out he’d been lying to her about why he’d come to Ramsay Street. Mackenzie was under the impression that he’d come to see her when in actual fact he’d come for some free legal advice from Toadie.

Mackenzie was devastated to find out his real motivation for coming, and so canceled the reading of her diary at the book festival. Her friends and family stepped up to read the entries on her behalf, and of course, Grant walked in to hear his daughter’s words, then Mackenzie came in just in time to hear him stand up to read one of the entries himself. Despite the slightly strangled way that it happened, it was a really powerful scene. I think I may have had something in my eye by the end of it – I definitely wasn’t crying into my salad. Nope, not at all. Georgie Stone continues to blossom in the role of Mackenzie, she’s been a fantastic addition to the street so far.

Karl Has Never Heard the Phrase “Loose Lips Sink Ships”

As if Susan wasn’t mad enough at Karl for blabbing all their private business to his old flame Olivia, last week it turned out she used his confessions in a book she was writing all about Finn, which was somewhat tastelessly launched in Erinsborough, and casually read out loud in front of all the people who he attempted to kill. Karl and Susan were about to set off on holiday which, if they end up going, will be the most awkward holiday in the whole of human history. I hope they both enjoy traveling in aggressive silence.

neighbours susan karl kennedy olivia bell bea

Olivia gives them a free book, so that makes it all OK. Photo: © Channel 5 Source: Digital Spy

Paul Wasn’t Entirely Awful

Paul was very supportive of David and Aaron in their quest to become foster parents, and he did his best to welcome Emmett into their home by bringing round a cricket bat as a gift for him, which was uncharacteristically nice. But earlier on he had been on an unprompted rant about kids in care all being juvenile delinquents, so I’m still of the opinion that we should probably just pop him in the bin.

It’s Happening!

I think one of my predictions may be about to come true! I said a few weeks ago that Andrea must be plotting to do a twin swap with Dee that ends up with Andrea going free and Dee being stuck in prison, and I think it’s happening. There’s really no point in doing an evil twin storyline if there isn’t going to be a swap at some sort, and I am pretty excited to see this one play out. Andrea recruited some bloke off Home and Away to help engineer a situation where the prison went into lockdown while Dee was in the prison garden for one of her visits with Heather. One drugged bottle of water later and Andrea was standing over a semi-conscious Dee. I cannot wait to see Madeline West playing Andrea playing Dee again – what fun!


Photo: © Channel 5 Source: Digital Spy