LEGO Star wars 2.1


In this new series, I will gush about my love for the licensed LEGO games. I will cover all of the games that I have played, ranging from really good to not as good.

Like most people, I vastly prefer the original Star Wars trilogy over the prequels and the sequels too. I feel as if the care and love that went into building the Star Wars universe in the original movies is tremendous as compared to the lack-luster care of the prequels as well as the play-it-safe care of the sequels. They were taking risks that payed off, and I can say the same about LEGO Star Wars II.

LEGO Star Wars II was based on the original trilogy and it contains a lot that the original trilogy had that set it apart from the other movies. The game and the movies both have a lot of charm and a lot of fun characters with unique abilities, making the whole experience a great time. With this being the second game in the LEGO series, a lot has changed since the first LEGO Star Wars. There are more interactive environments to explore, an abundance of new characters have been added, and some new features that are a welcome addition to the series.

The biggest thing that they added that I adore is the ability to fly different spaceships in different levels. Though there are only 3 ship levels, you can be any playable ship in any of the levels. If you want the Millennium Falcon to take down an AT-AT on Hoth, you can do that. If you want a TIE Fighter to blow up the Death Star, you can do that too. This also has allowed for more secrets to be hidden in every spaceship level. TIE fighters can access certain areas that the rebellion ships can’t access, and the overall dog fighting that this game has is great and easy to understand.

A great addition to this game is the ability to create your own character and play as that in the game. You have the ability to have Luke Skywalker’s head on a Darth Vader body holding a pistol blaster and have underwear on. This is the most LEGO thing out of the LEGO games. Much like the ability to create whatever you want out of LEGO’s in real life, your Frankenstein’s Monster of a creation can go toe-to-toe with Emperor Palpatine. Since that is never something that had never really been done before in games prior, it is a great thing to have as a 9-year old.

The levels had a major face lift in this game, as my favorite level in any LEGO game is present in this game. The speeder chase level in this game is not paralleled by any other, as the mix of high speed speeder chasing and high octane ground action is enough to make the whole game. This level feels gigantic and I always loved the speeder chase as I would dodge in and out of trees to shoot down stormtroopers. I think that the variety that this level has to offer is so fun and exciting that it is a big reason for anyone to come back to this game.

LEGO Star Wars II did so much right as a sequel, and the ability to be the beloved characters of a gigantic franchise is a lot to bring in any Star Wars fan, old and new.