Rapture: A virtual utopia for the socially elite of the 1940s. Created by Andrew Ryan, Rapture proved to be worthy of their attention…for a while. Like all great things, this underwater safe haven was not meant to last – After all, “Rapture” DOES reference the end times. Rapture’s downfall stemmed from the scientific progress that ensued. Scientists discovered a genetic material called “Adam,” that allowed the tenants of Rapture to alter their DNA so much that telekinesis and pyrotelekinesis was made possible. These advancements were so powerful that Andrew Ryan put a law into place…a law stating that no contact with the surface world was allowed.

Fast forward about twenty years, where a young man named Jack ends up the only survivor of an unfortunate plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean. Seeking shelter in the form of a nearby lighthouse, Jack unintentionally discovers the entrance to Rapture. Unfortunately, the awe in his find soon wanes, as the once proud and intelligent society has since diminished into a dystopian wasteland whose residents will kill anyone that stands in the way of their “Adam” addiction. Can Jack make it out alive? Or will his discovery mean his end?

Released in 2007, this nightmare-inducing video game quickly became a cult classic among gamers, and paved the way for horror games across the board. It’s available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and even iOS devices. It’s a superb story, if you’re into “scary” video games. Check it out for yourselves! As always, thanks for reading!