Over the last few years, the podcast industry has grown exponentially. To the point where much like television and movies there is an almost endless supply of content to consume. If you try and think about it, you might actually get a headache. Yet that speaks to its popularity that it can be discussed at the same level as TV/movies.

However, the one thing that podcasts have that other mediums don’t, is simplicity. Listening to podcasts requires very little effort and you can multi-task with things like commuting, cooking, working out, etc.

Lists of the best podcasts out right now are a dime a dozen. Every outlet has its take on what you should be listening to but one area that you don’t see represented in these lists is nerd content. This is where we come in to help fill that gap. So without further ado here are the best nerd podcasts out right now.

Binge Mode

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Part of The Ringer network which has an entire library of podcasts, Binge Mode is their main nerd offering. The show’s seasons have swayed back and forth between focused analysis of pop culture favorites like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Star Wars and more general nerd content. They have a very quirky style which is fun once you get used to it but they can also get serious and truly deep dive into the topics.

Kinda Funny Games Daily

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Formerly from IGN, Kinda Funny is a growing network of podcasts and live shows that talk about anything and everything nerd related. They’re main show (The Kinda Funny Podcast Show) is a great all purpose nerd show but their games daily takes the cake. It brings their same energy but for gaming news, reviews and analysis. What’s great about this show is that while its very informative, a lot of the entertainment comes from the off-topic riffs the hosts go on. Their passion seeps through and the way they can tie in gaming to the wider culture is pretty impressive.

For All Nerds Show

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The multicultural team at For All Nerds offers a unique perspective on nerd culture. They discuss just about everything from games, movies, anime, fandom all the while applying a critical lense to the discussion. Their ability to weave entertainment and critical theory is second to none and their most recent episode on John Boyega is a testament to that.


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The founder of Nerdist, one of the largest nerd websites, Chris Hardwick has turned into one of the de facto authorities on nerd culture. His podcast in interview style where each episode he has a new guest usually from the world of entertainment. The great thing is that conversation usually flows into topics that Hardwick finds interesting with the guest revealing a nerdy side to them we’ve never seen. It’s an interesting take from the usual conversations some hosts have with celebrities.

How Did This Get Made?

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The most comedic of the offerings on this list provides much-needed laughs when you need it. Comedians Paul Scheer, Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas review old ‘bad’ movies by straight up making fun of them and even trying to figure out their plots. They’re not exactly movie buffs but they are passionate about watching movies and the way they poke fun shows you how much they actually care.

Other notable mentions are The Rewatchables, The Besties, Black Girl Nerds, 8 Bit Geek, Nerd Soup, and Fat Man Beyond.

There are, of course, plenty more to discover and a lot more niche ones too depending on your interest. But consider these as a good start to the world of nerd culture. So what’s your favorite nerd podcast? Let us know in the comments!