Nintendo’s September Direct, delayed from its original launch date of September 6 out of respect for the earthquake in Hokkaido, promises to shed light on upcoming titles for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS systems. Staying extremely coy with what the content of the video presentation are, Nintendo knows just how to make us speculate until we explode. With games recently announced for the Switch (a port of Civilization VI and Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition), what surprises could the (first of many) fall Nintendo Direct provide?

We break down what we think will be covered during the 30+ minute presentation.

Pokémon: Let’s Go!

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This is a given, considering the pair of games grace the home console (a first for the series) in two short months. With a solid amount of information being released on the regular, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company could either provide a quick, generic plug or surprise us with something truly special that’s going to take this remake to the next level. 

Super Mario Party

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Coming out less in than a month, this is another for sure feature during the presentation. Will new modes, minigames or playable characters be announced? Will we see more of the dual-Switch action? A promise of more boards through deliciously free DLC? Here’s hoping! 

Luigi’s Mansion for Nintendo 3DS

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The remake of the GameCube 2001 best-seller is headed to the small screen(s) later this fall, just in time for Halloween. I assume we will get some new details and feature tweaks announced Though I am excited to see new life breathed into this series, I can’t say I’m not upset that we’re missing a console-ready version.

Bayonetta 3

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What a day it would be if we got a release date for the third game in the guns-for-heels series…arriving on the Nintendo Switch this Halloween. I know its a stretch, given the development timeline for this game has been kept pretty under wraps, but it’s something I’m still gunning for (pun intended). 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition

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Though the newest entry into the long-running fighting franchise received it’s very own Nintendo Direct in August, I’m certain we will still get a (lengthy) plug for SSBU. Seeing as how the game is basically going to solidify the Switch’s place as the sole reason Nintendo is no longer the underdog, the requisite plug must be made.

Do you have any predictions for the upcoming Nintendo Direct? Share your picks in the comments section below!