And now we’re on to Week Three of my favorite furry art picks for May. There’s been some interesting art so far – last week was the first appearance of Furmaids in any of the articles I’ve written on here – so let’s see if this week can add to any more interesting art to the list.

7. Bone Dragon

Kicking off this week is this rather wicked looking spell caster by Litchie D.

It’s a pretty cool-looking pic all around: the bone dragon looks wicked, and I love that ominous green mist that’s around both the dragon and the hands and eyes of the character. I honestly don’t see many necromancer type characters in furry so this was pretty neat to see.

6. Plucky Pirate Party

Looks like Carnival is back with another bathtub picture! Apparently, these were a series of YCH (Your Character Here) commissions. YCHs are when an artist shows a sketch with a template for where the buyer’s character goes – a quick easy way to get art of a character if you struggle to come up with poses and images for them.

Once again, I really dig the limited palette that they did for the drawing, as it really helps everything come together color wise, and I like the set used for this commission. It’s also a cute, fun picture to look at with all the rubber ducks all decked out differently and doing different things. Also, check out this Twitter thread they posted that shows off the sketch and some alternate colors they experimented with.

5. Balcony Hangout

Pensil Skyzx comes at us with a lovely cityscape drawing and what looks like a wolf and a dutch angel dragon, a type of character created by the fandom’s own Ino89777 who made the first dutch angel dragon character, Telephone. You can actually see them in this article I wrote about fursuits.

But onto the image itself. What mainly caught my attention were the two characters, both having similar colors but with widely different expressions; the wolf seems excited, and yet the dutch angel dragon looks contemplative. And then there’s the bustling backdrop crammed with all kinds of buildings, windows, lights, and even a futuristic monorail. Looks like a snip from a comic book honestly!

4. Kitsune Magic

It’s the return of previous winner Sixth Leaf Clover! Honestly, if you’re looking for professional-level art that’s mainly SFW, Sixth Leaf is your furry!

Once again you’ve got an all-around impressive level of detail with the fur, the colors, the shadows, everything. And the small bits of red set up against the white fur creates an eye-catch combination of colors. Couple that with an ornate outfit, lots of tails that do more than just lay there, and some mystical blue spirits, and you’ve got a great image. Sixth Leaf never fails to impress!

So far we’ve got some pretty great images. Let’s take a look at a few runner-ups before checking out the top three:


I love the angle of this picture, the way everything looks curved and dynamic. And an excellent use of the flowers to guide our eyes automatically towards the character.

President of Hell, anyone? I actually had to look this fellow up, but that golden gun reminded me of James Bond. Anyone up for a round of The Man With the Golden Gun?

Nothing more relaxing than some tunes and drawing. I love the little sketches she’s drawing too. A nice detail.

I always love cute, high-flying art. Another piece that seemingly uses the backdrop to guide you to the subject.

Art by Teranen

Poolside hang out anyone? C’mon I’m certain that anthro fish won’t bite.

I always love these cityscape type drawings. Seems to be a popular thing with furry art.

Art by Jeso

An anthro piloting an anthro-style mech? Yes please!

Alrighty, let’s take a look at the top three picks for this week:

3. Furry Road

I apologize in advance for the lame pun, but when I saw this Max Max-inspired piece I had to. I think this is another fun one, and it’s nice to see a group in a post-apocalyptic setting – at least I’m assuming that’s what it is they could just be on a desert planet – just stopping for a minute to relax. Helps take the edge off things a little.

You might also notice each character is wearing vastly different clothing which begs the question – are these all folks that started the journey together, or did they all come together as the journey went on? Also, that car’s really kickass.

2. Cave Glow

Kyander’s back at it again with another amazing piece of art. This time we’ve got a cute couple sharing a nice, intimate moment. There’s so much to love with this image – the glowing blue water, giving the intimacy a sense of magic, there’s even some water reflection on the couple, the sunset in the background helps draw you to the couple, and the couple in general is adorable.

Also look at the small actions they’re taking too – this isn’t just a couple being static. Look at how their feet and the tail of the left character intertwine. It captures the magic of moments like these in a fantastic fashion.

1. Like a Goddess

Taking the #1 spot this week is another piece by Saint Cocoa – I feel like they have the potential to become another regular!

But honestly, this picture is really badass. You’ve got this demon-looking vixen decked out in black studded armor, a sharp sword, and that confident, partially inviting look. Also, did you notice something with the color of the wings?

Couple that with a rather extravagant background, and you’ve got yourself one heck of an introduction to a character – as well as the top pick for this week! Congratulations and well done!

So it looks like we’ve still got interesting artists and new concepts rolling out for the month. Let’s see if the final week can add some new things too, eh?

Also! If you want to keep up with what art I’m looking at and other thoughts involving furry art, check out my new Twitter, Niko’s Art Curation. Right now I’m just sharing what I see on Twitter, but soon I’ll be getting art from Fur Affinity and possibly other places as well. And of course, there’s an emphasis on SFW art.

And that’s about it for this week! Once again congrats to this week’s winner and to all the artists on-and-off the list. Keep it up with the great art.