We have all experienced the highs and lows that come with being devoted to our favorite characters and wanting to stick with them to the bitter end. The problem is when we love a character that much, we chose to take the good with the bad. That is why we have compiled the top 5 reasons Dr. Spencer Reid is our favorite “Criminal Minds” Profiler.

#1. Reid joined the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) at  22.

This makes him the youngest Profiler at the BAU and thus, a lot more relatable to youth. Although he is a genius who graduated high school at the age of 12 and has an eidetic memory / I.Q. of 187, he brings a youthfulness the FBI was missing. In season 4-episode 8 “Masterpiece”, Reid and (David) Rossi give a lecture at a local college. After the lecture Spencer says, “I don’t know why they keep sending me here.” To which Rossi replies, “Because you’re young.”

# 2. His style choices and dorky mannerisms make him human.

With his brown messenger bag and horn-rimmed glasses there is no doubt that this profiler has style, but when he opens his mouth we instantly remember what an adorable dork he really is! With a multitude of analogies and facts in his arsenal, we can always count on some witty remarks from Dr. Reid.

“That makes no sense. You can’t catch a falling star, it would burn up in the atmosphere.”


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#3. He loves his mother… even though she may be a little crazy.

Spencer reveals to Penelope (Garcia) that his mother has Schizophrenia in season 1. He has been taking care of her since he was a child after his father walked out on them both. Even though his mother has been in an institution for the majority of his adult life, Spencer still writes to her every day. In season 11, he spills that his mother has also started showing signs of Dementia.


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#4: Spencer shows incredible strength in the face of adversity.

For being the most fragile looking BAU Profiler, Dr. Spencer Reid has proven himself to be one of the strongest on the team both mentally AND physically. He has lost countless loved ones, been unwillingly injected with Dilaudid (which he became addicted to) and even been held prisoner by a UnSub (UNknown SUBject). Even though his career in the BAU has not been without incident, he has bounced back time and time again, proving that he is NOT a quitter!

#5: He, on more than one occasion, has told a UnSub no!

On several episodes of Criminal Minds, Spencer refused to give in to the will of the “Bad Guy”. In the second season, Reid is taken by a religious nut with multiple personalities, who asks him to choose who will live and who will die. Spencer tells him that he will not choose who dies, but instead he will choose someone to live! Then in season 11, Spencer sits across the table from Cat Adams, a hit woman known as “Miss .45”. She points a gun at him under the table to which he calmly replies,

“You don’t get everything you want just because you’re pointing a gun at me under a table. You’re not the first killer to point a gun at me. You’re not even the first woman to point a gun at me.”


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Even though we love all of our BAU buddies, it is clear that Dr. Spencer Reid will continue to win our hearts as our favorite profiler. His character is a deep well of affection and bravery, hidden under a cover of knowledge and information! We hope Spencer will stick around for many more seasons of Criminal Minds!